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  1. lev

    GODly and GODless Games

    I always use rebuild mode on iso2god. I have done over a thousand games and never personally found a game that would not work. I only heard of it here on the forums and then researched the issue here and found some related threads. So it sounds like every game works if done correctly.
  2. So did you get it working dreamboy ? Update here http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/1770-PCSXR-360-By-Ced2911
  3. I used the dlc installer from digix but I didnt see a tu available. Would also like to get it from ya.
  4. I am sure Swizzy has been busy but I am confident he will look when he has time so we wait patiently.
  5. lev

    GODly and GODless Games

    Interesting, do ISO2GOD & the new Aurora .6 rip script have that option (set padding removal to none)? This answer seems slightly different from what Swizzy stated
  6. I will help maintain a list of games that do not work when put in Game on Demand format (GODless) and a list of games that require GOD format (GODly). Please let me know if you know others and I will add them to this list. GODLESS Persona 4 Arena Ultimax GODLY Fable 2 GOTY Dragon's Dogma Deadly Premonition
  7. For your windows 10 ftp issue did you try setting a firewall exception or temporarily disabling the firewall?
  8. She-ite... I am running in to this too. I thought I was losing it. Can you please post the proper file names?
  9. Is there a list of the games that need to be godless anywhere ?
  10. Wow, thx for sharing, i thought any game could work in god format.
  11. You can also try qwix Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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