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  1. Hello everyone, I'm searching for the latest Title Update for Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock with the following MIDs: Guitar Hero 5 with Media ID: 694292BA Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock with Media ID: 664C4807 I've just checked on Xbox Unity but there are no Title Updates available for these two games, the reason of what I need those Title Updates is because I got almost all DLC packs for Guitar Hero series Games, the others ones worked fine because they have at least one TU available, I'm not really sure If these two games were updated sometime, but maybe they did when the DLC packs were released. I hope you can help me with this thread guys, If you have free time, Thanks a lot !
  2. Ok mate, thanks a lot, I hope you can upload the TU in the future when you can do It or when you have free time
  3. Hi everyone over here, Does this game above from Xbox classic games has some TU or something like that? A few weeks ago I put the DLC installer on my xbox 360 RGH but when I was installing the DLC I went to the installer #2 and then It said "Incompatible content or something like that, so do you know If this game has a Title update or one patch to run the DLC's?? Yes, I checked on Xbox Unity, but It hasn't a Title update... Thanks for your help
  4. I have the same question... Is there an update or TU for this game?? The DLC "Payday" doesn't work on my game as well... :/
  5. Yes man, always, but It has two title updates only for the game with the Media ID: 6A37D0A2
  6. Hi everyone, can someone give me a Title Update of Bomberman LIVE with the Media ID: 5C1E48C8, I can't use my DLCs without this TU, not necessary the Title Update 4, if you have the title update 3 or 2 It's ok for me, so Id appreciate your help, thanks
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