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  1. tallaito

    Skin ideas

    Hi felida, could you give me a little hint or help with respect to the preview of the videos to make them look at the default size and add a button so that it can be seen in full screen to see what I should modify
  2. Ok thank you for responding so quickly and sorry also for not posting where it was due...
  3. Greetings and congratulations again to the whole team. One question I have is whether the (Added) Control of XuiVideoPresenter (WIP) is only for the Aurora_Main or it also serves to place video in the Aurora_Loading
  4. ooooohhhhh it was worth waiting for congratulations to all the team that made all this great work possible
  5. thank you very much for your work and for sharing
  6. Hello, look for the forum version 2.11a that is already available
  7. I have been able to modify almost everything except the releasedate and genre in emulator pcsxr-360 (1CED2911) can give me some suggestion.
  8. Many thanks to dreamboy and also to Swizzy is a wonderful contribution, I tried some games in autoboot mode that did not work in the old version among them Fighting Force 2, Blade, Vagrant Story, 007 Tomorrow Never Dies, and now if they work, without However Tomb Raider 1 and Tomb Raider 2 in .iso format does not work in autoboot mode or with the emulator, but in .bin format if you work from the emulator. Obviously in .bin format I could not autoboot by the configuration in the psx.ini AutobootIso = 1. Anyway later I will try with other versions of such games. Is it possible to also enable this function for .bin format? Sorry for the bad english I used the google translator.
  9. Excellent skin thank you for shared
  10. That's what you want in you? The frames are used mostly for animation images in the case of the skin, at least the belladega friend of 10 images called "backgroundslider10" just to mention one, I will add 14 pictures more, that is to say have now 24 and the skin obviously must be changed every frame because it is animated in your case you can use photoshop and replace that image which in this case is .jpeg or if you prefer to play with frames tries in "each" apply these properties (opacity, size, all, etc.) then save as ... Aurora_loading.xui then Export Binary (overwrite Aurora_Loading.xur you close all go to the skin and then delete Aurora_Loading.xui.Esto says the friend is like Felida: trial and error thanks to him and other fellow and this page have learned a little every day.
  11. Excellent Felida very good interface thanks for your creativity and sharing
  12. Thanks for answering Swizzy I do not have the source code but I'm trying to get the version is dated pcsxr_360_2013-06-02 is the only one that has that function.
  13. As far as an older version one that does this is there: launch the PSX game (.iso format) from the dash Aurora or Freestyle as if it were any Xbox 360 game, not all games work in this version, so I wonder if it could change something in the latest version which has more compatible games to use this great function.
  14. Greetings all have read in other forums about this wonderful emulator. According've tried with another version games can be run directly from the same dash Aurora or FSD and customize the covers, banner, background, etc, as if it were any other game or application through the AutoBoot (rom function format .iso .bi. or renamed .cue will psx.iso in the same folder with the emulator and for each game must be done separately, also set individually for the launch ini Dynarec functions, gpu, etc. in addition to the shaders) which was included solely and exclusively in version 2.01 which work with a lot of games but not others. The most recent versions do not have this function (AutoBoot) and wanted to know if it is possible to include it in more recent versions like 2.08 and 2.09 but I imagine it would have to do a compilation of default xex or something, so we would have more compatible games and a faster, simple and effective way to release them without having to go all the time to the emulator interface .Thanks.
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