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  1. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I don't have a great way to get a video, but try this: - load up the default FSD skin - watch carefully in the "Open Tray" panel (or any other panel except the "My Games" one with your avatar Watch carefully and you'll see a pattern of expanding circles (I call them bubbles) in the background. They drift around and expand. My skin has a dark background, so they're more obvious. And I hate 'em. Hope that helps.
  2. Does anyone know the secret to stopping the animated circles in Content Panels? I know some of your skin's don't have them, and I'd like to disable them in mine as well. Can anyone help?
  3. This is one of the most impressive skins I've seen to date. I'm really, honestly impressed. And now that I've started poking around inside FSD myself, I can only imagine how long it took for you to make it. Speaking of poking around inside FSD, does anyone know how to stop the animated circles inside the Content Panels? I can't stand them.
  4. What about items like these... the background colors for Servers, Xbox Marketplace, Unity, etc... I found and changed a lot of the UI elements by digging around inside Aurora_Skin.xur this morning (starting at 3:30am - couldn't sleep), but I can't find this. Any more help?
  5. Thanks felida. I'll probably never catch up to you, but I'm determined to figure some of this stuff out!
  6. How do I change that color value? I figured out how to change the color of the buttons and a few other things (by editing the files in Images\Visuals\Xui...), but I can't find this main text color being set anywhere. Anyone care to share a tip or two with a newbie? I'd really appreciate it.
  7. Thanks for that. I may use that in the short term. Long term, I'd like to make and distribute a full proper skin (an xzp file), so I'd like to have it built in. Or distribute my skin with a variety of optional backgrounds.
  8. Maybe I'll get to animated eventually, but for right now, I'm just looking to add a plain ol' ordinary background image to Aurora. I've got my 1280x720 .png file ready, but I have no idea where to put it. I found a tutorial for making animated skins, but that was extremely complicated and a lot more than I needed. I succeeded and got my loading screen done, but can't figure out how to do a background image. Like I said, nothing fancy, just a static image. A cookie for whoever can help! Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey! Mine worked too! What in the hell? Can you imagine being a developer (or even a homebrewer) and trying to work with such buggy and unpredictable tools? It would drive me crazy. But I used to be a back-end web developer, so...
  10. Hi everybody. Sorry for posting this all over the place, but I'm trying to get some help. I'm trying to make a new skin (starting with a loading screen) and can't do it. The problem is that I can't save my keyframes. I've followed the video posted by felida (http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5378-tutorial-changing-the-loading-screen/) a zillion times, second by second. I'm doing the exact same thing he is, just with a different image. But my keyframes won't stay set when I reload the file. That means, of course, that they don't show up when I load the skin on the console. Here's a video of me trying to do it. Has ANYONE seen this? I refuse to believe I'm a unicorn in this world filled with skins for Naruto, Batman, and a ton of football clubs. I'm starting to go bald from tearing out my hair. My system is Win7 32-bit, my XUI tool is version 2.0.21256.0. I'm also missing the "2" key on this keyboard, but that's just because my wifey dropped a golf putter on it. I'll give a cookie (and maybe even a PayPal donation) to anyone who can help me solve this. Thanks in advance. (Again, sorry for all the x-posts. I'm new here and trying to find an active forum. I have hope for this one.)
  11. Damn. Ah well. I'll search around for a newer/different version of the XDK. It's not like I've got anything better to do - ha! Thanks for trying, anyway.
  12. Here's my video. I started from Step Zero - unpacking the .xzp file. I hope you can see what I'm doing. More than that, I hope you can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I feel like an idiot. https://youtu.be/_7pSZvHg2BQ I can't figure out how to embed it either... maybe I need to use raw BBcode, but anyway... there's my video. Thanks for the help. You rock.
  13. Okay, I'll find a screen recorder and go through it step by step. Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi there. I'm just trying to change the loading screen in XUI tool. I know how to insert my new image, size it, etc., set the keyframes, but they don't stay set. I export as binary, but when I reload, my keyframes are blank again. Any ideas, guys? (Sorry for the x-post, but the "changing the loading screen" thread has been dead for more than a year.)
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