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  1. OMG When its going to be release the 0.5???????????????? I cant wait anymooooore XD
  2. Im back! Have some time to spend on my request? XD
  3. THAAAKS!! OMG its so late over there! Just rest, i can wait for tomorrow XD
  4. Sure swizzy... look at this 3 pics, this are from 3 different layouts. Look to the ace combat cover for a perfect reference: I like the colorfull and sharpness on the layout of the last pic. In the other ones seems darker... But, i like so much the first layout (the aurora default). Can you do something?
  5. Hi guys! Amazing work! I have a little request. Maybe it will be strange for some of the team, but, here it is: I see the covers of my games without brightness in some layouts (like the aurora standart). its like it needs more light! In the fsd my covers was clear and full of color. Can you fix or upgrade that? Thanks so much, I think that this update cant be better!!!!!!!!
  6. That's all AWESOME News! Thank you swizzy and all the team!!!
  7. Swizzy thank you very much!!! I'm so Blind. i didn't see the Launch disc option on the guide menu!!!! Hahaha thanks for that! It's Enough for Me. And it's a great New To Hear about the Free mb thing on the New File explorer! The last One fix in my Head is to Change on easy way between xbla/360/homebrew. Like Pressing lb or rb, but i read that you are on it. So I'm waiting for this fix on your way. Thanks for everything!
  8. He guys! You really ROCK! Keep the good work! Thanks for this amazing dashboard. I have a few problems, and maybe you can do something to fix them, or recommend me to do another things. Are this: I have a lot of backups burned on DL Discs, XGD2 and XGD3 and all that stuff... Is there a way to launch my games from the dvd? I have readed how to rip it with the file explorer in the new update,. but, will you add something to lauch games from disc directly? It would be great for me and other people! (launch burned games from the future file explorer wont be comfortable ... ) And i and other people REALLY NEEDS to see the free Mb on our hdd's... Temperature could be check with the xbox guide button. But i dont know how to see my hdd free espace!!! Maybe in the 0.3 could be check the free espace from the file explorer? I have made a blind step of faith to you all and the great AURORA. I have erased the fsd3 and i dont want to use it again, giving all my xbox to AURORA. Thats why i need this couple of things urgently. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for keep this alive! thx! Sorry for my bad english.
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