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  1. Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject, but I havent used my RGH 360 for a a good while, Now im using it again im trying to update things but finding a few issues. when Aurora checks for updates it simply stays "checking" . Im assuming its a connection to the net issue, If I ignore the updates and simply go to the game list page, however long the console is on for the list page has in the top r/h corner "downloading 1 item". Below is a screen shot of my version page. Cany anyone offer any advice ?
  2. Is it possible to install a standalone emulator onto my RGH360 HDD that will play the old Commodore VIC20/C64 games
  3. Thats great advice , very much appreciated. I have used FatX to copy the contents of my exisiting HDD to my PC. I have formatted the new HDD using the XBOX360. Now I have copied over everything I took from the original EXCEPT the games folder. I created a new games folder and just copied two of the original game files, basically wanted to test the new HDD was working correctly before commiting to the lengthy process of transferring all the games. So now with just two games in the "games" folder I put the new HDD into the console and booted up. When Aroura boots it displays all the names and artwork of ALL the 90+ games that were on the older HDD but cannot be played (obviousley as theyre not in the Game folder) , and it doesnt recognise the two games on the new HDD. Im assuming I have copied over some content type file that tells the console that all the games are still on the HDD. What have I done incorrectly ?
  4. Im trying to upgrade my RGH XBOX360 HDD from 250 to 500GB, Is there any way of copying my original HDD to my PC, so then I can simply transfer it to my new HDD, perhaps a home brew program etc etc. I have a USB - SATA cable, which I have connected to my PC, but the computer only recgonises save files and other small files, not any game files. I realise I could copy/paste using Aurora on the console, but id rather not, if possible have the console running for the long time it would take to complete the transfer.
  5. Is it possible to display both Internal HDD and External USB HDD Games on the Aurora Game list screen ?
  6. Thanks for the response, all the games on my HDD are in HDD/GAMES folder as individual title folders, eg Forza Horizon, I use aroura to copy all the files/folders on the dvd into that "Forza Horizon" folder and i works brilliantly. So are you saying that the CONTENT DISC , I should, via the Aurora rip method, rip the whole disc to a folder XBOX360/SYSTEM/HDD/GAME/Forza 4 (content disc files/folders below.....) And then do the same with the PLAY disc, but rip this to XBOX360/SYSTEM/CONTENT/Forza 4 (Play disc content shown below)
  7. I know its a much discussed topic all over the net, but im confused over how to install double disc games onto my HDD, Good old FORZA 4 is the main one im trying to do. I have both original discs, the PLAY DISC, and the CONTENT INSTALL DISC. I have read lots of posts that mention ripping as an ISO, one file into one folder and another into a different folder, which as I say has left me a little confused to say the least. Can u expert chaps give me an idiots guide on how to isntall FORZA 4 onto my RGH XBOX360 so its playable and without having to put a disc in the drive.. Thanks
  8. I have a Folder containing SEGA RALLY, in what I think is GOD format. There is a DATA folder, a TU folder, and, what I assume is the GOD file. What folder structure should these be transferred to my HDD in. Secondly for a game that has many files to trasnfer (eg. Race Driver Grid) is there a "select all" option in either Aurora or FSD,
  9. Think I have got the hang of using Aurora for the basics, but how do I add original double disc games to the HDD, such as a Forza game etc etc. I use the Aurora COPY/PASTE method for single disc games, but havent tried a double disc yet. Also Do the Grand Theft Auto Games cause any issues if copied to the HDD.
  10. Sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks for the advice, I did have file issues, I had somehow put two different games into the same folder. I deleted the games, and folder, and all is good again. Thanks for the swift response!!!
  11. First I thought I had an issue with Unity, but after inserting an official disc into the drive, the cover shows instantly on the Aurora dashboard. However if I copy/paste that game into the main HDD GAME folder, Aurora doesnt recognise it, I can launch the game via the XEX file in the game folder itself, but any game I have added lateley doesnt show up on the Aurora dashboard, not even the grey box. Have I altered a setting unkowingly. At the moment I have 18 games on the HDD, and all display perfectly....
  12. Thanks for the reply, When I place a disk in the drive, the cover of that game shows up in a red outline, as it normally does, but when I copy/paste that game to the HDD, then remove the disc, no cover is shown, not even the grey blank cover.
  13. I am trying to update my versionof Aurora on by RGH Console, When I click the download button on the About page, nothing happens. I also cannot get UNITY to display covers, Hpw can I tell if my console is connected correctly to the internet.
  14. Hope im in the right section, I had to reset my XBOX360 RGH settings, the only issue I now have is UNITY or a setting in AURORA, I am registered and have put my U/N and API Key into the UNITY menu in AURORA, but the covers dont display, Aurora doesnt even try to download them. Is there a setting I need to change.
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