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  1. I have a Folder containing SEGA RALLY, in what I think is GOD format. There is a DATA folder, a TU folder, and, what I assume is the GOD file. What folder structure should these be transferred to my HDD in. Secondly for a game that has many files to trasnfer (eg. Race Driver Grid) is there a "select all" option in either Aurora or FSD,
  2. Think I have got the hang of using Aurora for the basics, but how do I add original double disc games to the HDD, such as a Forza game etc etc. I use the Aurora COPY/PASTE method for single disc games, but havent tried a double disc yet. Also Do the Grand Theft Auto Games cause any issues if copied to the HDD.
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks for the advice, I did have file issues, I had somehow put two different games into the same folder. I deleted the games, and folder, and all is good again. Thanks for the swift response!!!
  4. First I thought I had an issue with Unity, but after inserting an official disc into the drive, the cover shows instantly on the Aurora dashboard. However if I copy/paste that game into the main HDD GAME folder, Aurora doesnt recognise it, I can launch the game via the XEX file in the game folder itself, but any game I have added lateley doesnt show up on the Aurora dashboard, not even the grey box. Have I altered a setting unkowingly. At the moment I have 18 games on the HDD, and all display perfectly....
  5. Thanks for the reply, When I place a disk in the drive, the cover of that game shows up in a red outline, as it normally does, but when I copy/paste that game to the HDD, then remove the disc, no cover is shown, not even the grey blank cover.
  6. I am trying to update my versionof Aurora on by RGH Console, When I click the download button on the About page, nothing happens. I also cannot get UNITY to display covers, Hpw can I tell if my console is connected correctly to the internet.
  7. Hope im in the right section, I had to reset my XBOX360 RGH settings, the only issue I now have is UNITY or a setting in AURORA, I am registered and have put my U/N and API Key into the UNITY menu in AURORA, but the covers dont display, Aurora doesnt even try to download them. Is there a setting I need to change.
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