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  1. EDIT: If you see me again on MW3 (It's currently Nov 30) I won't hack anymore (I will be on my 'Nub' account,10th Prestige, not 'Syndecal', no prestige lv 80) . Although I feel like I see you occasionally hacking. We should chat sometimes. Espically since I see you running around with an [XFC] Clan tag I think, I want a clan tag too! I'm trying to clean up my good ways now that I thought of what I posted, so I'm no longer hacking. Although if I see any hacker, consider myself gone. My 'Nub' account is already so low in stats that I think any REALLY bad player had beaten my stats by now. I'm so sorry. I'm REALLY Sorry now that I think of it. I don't know how much I've messed up until now.. I hope you read this...
  2. LitrosNub

    COD MW2

    Sure! When and where?
  3. So I should use that? Sorry for getting way offtopic just making sure I'm using things correctly not screwing things up.
  4. Which? AutoFake or FakeLive? Also can you see other people's emblems/tags and can you name your classes? Sorry for so much questions but I need to knowww
  5. Whoops. forgot to say. Thanks! P.S, off-topic question Swizzy. But has anyone found out how to enable MIC in LiNK for BO3? Does Fakelive/Autolive work?
  6. It's getting pretty annoying. I join a Public Lobby and to see no one playing zombies. We should add back Zombie Public Rooms like in BO2 and AW. So people can pick what gamemode where playing (Public for Multiplayer and Zombie Rooms for Zombie players). Just requesting, maybe just add 1 or 2 ZM Public Rooms. But finally I can play Zombies on BO3.
  7. Well I'm not Cannellizer but I used an extremely dirty method (extracting the Compatibility Pack and putting it in the root of the bo3 folder)
  8. Maybe cool it? Is the fan cooling it? Cause I had mines on 'Auto' in Dashlaunch and in ZM it overheated and rebooted. Then I put it up to 90% fan speed and I'm fine now. It just gets a little heated (Using Slim with RGH2, Trinity)
  9. Obviously Tomb Raider is better. Xbox's graphics are decent but honestly. They did so little effort to port to the 360 and PS3. Even AW's port for 360 and PS3 were so better than this.
  10. LitrosNub

    Crap Ops 3?

    Too bad no one plays it on LiNK
  11. If you can PM me the correct method, I can try it out and add it as another method in the OP (giving you credit or whoever you decide to give credit for).
  12. hm, this method works also. 2 methods that work? cause I got it working this way. no insane glitches or bugs. ect. Works the same . Also no problems on LiNK
  13. Well, BO3 just got leaked. I'm not leaking it here because of obvious reasons. But as always. You need to do some special stuff to make it play like AW. Or else you just get a 'download compatibility pack connect to live'. But here's what you'll need: BO3 ISO (not linking) Title Update 1 (it's in xboxunity.net) Compatibility Pack 1 (not linking) Step 1: Extract the BO3 ISO. You do this however you always do it. Everyone has their own methods and ect. Step 2: NOW here's the interesting stuff. Don't play BO3 yet. It won't let you. You will need the compatibility pack. Put the Comp pack in Horizon and move it to the 360. Still doesn't let you? Thought so. Step 3: Get this tool called wxPirs, IT IS NOT A VIRUS, here's the virus scan for people that think it is. It will not harm your computer. Step 4: Start it up and select 'open file' pick the compatibility pack. Step 5: Click 'extract all' and move it to the BO3 Extracted DIrectory Folder (where the games at), let it finish now go back to Aurora. It should be working now! Also download the TU if you need to. Enjoy LiNK! I'm not sure if this will work the same for Live but this is designed for LiNK only. -2nd Method- Credits to @falaga Open the Compatibility Pack in Hxd (this program is easy to find) ctrl+g enter 234 hit enter Press F 8 times and save the file and transfer it to your console. You're good to go!
  14. Found a cheater. Never join a game with this guy. Game: MW3 'Avatar Name/Profile Name': R4B1 'Unity Name/Account Name': xAoDxRasher
  15. The hell? This is to just warn people to NOT join games with these account names because they hack. If they change profiles (xbox) then the unity account stays the same. Which is why I said link the unity account. If they make a new one for some random reason then so be it. This isn't a reporting thread. This is just to warn people to never join games with the "reported" players by the community exposing the players. You did a complete 180 and didn't read what this thread is about. As for lagging, of course people will do this. But look at COD Killcams. you can easily see hacking by looking at the killcams. Especially since LiNK hackers (mw3 mostly) love to expose the headshotting aimbot and auto lock on.
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