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  1. Found a FIX, Install your TU in XBOX Hard Drive not in USB,
  2. ZZTop

    COD MW2

    C'Mon guys , Let's make this game alive once more. TU8
  3. Hi guys, Why TU'S stopped working? For Example i download latest BO2 TU with Aurora, then i press enable, and launch game, but in link options theyre show me Your TU version ; 0 TU18 available, and this happening on all games. Anyways to fix it?
  4. I google it already like a hundred times, in my NBA 2k8 there is no option to turn it on, i want to make it, but there is no way..... sadly
  5. Hi guys, I have a problem, I finish College Hoops 2k8 season, then I can export Draft Class to use in NBA 2k8, Problem is - I start new Association mode in NBA 2k8 but there is no option to import draft classes, automatic popup doesnt show up too, I just found one Title Update for each game but it doesnt help to solve issue, Maybe someone can help with this? Maybe there is more TITLE Updates someone can share?
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