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  1. Tomrip, Swizzy, Would it work if created a partition was created that was 2gb or less for the format that was wanted to use for the Xbox? Just a thought
  2. Ha, nice buddy! Glad you got it figured out. So when you were pushing the reset button before, it was literally doing nothing? You remained "in game?" Well, may your console and ED64plus continue to work as expected!
  3. I own an everdrive 64 V2.5 by Krikkz. You are most likely experiencing issues because the product that you have is a cheap Chinese knockoff. You are correct in thinking that resetting will save your games, depending on the version you have. The new ED64 V3.0 will save without having to hit the reset button. But I doubt there is any support for your knockoff product. My guess is that it just doesnt work. You can make a post in the forum set up for the everdrive 64. Not sure if I am aloud to link to it or not. But folks there might be of more help.
  4. Yeah, my console has some fan mod, and honestly it is still unbelievable to me how cool the console runs. Periodically I'll put my hand around the box, and it is never even warm. The 3 xboxs I had previously would get super hot and they eventually died. I can assure you there is no overheating issues with my console. "Swizzy" had whipped up a program that basically does the fix for you. It patches the compatibility pack so that you don't screw it up, haha. He posted this program in another BO3 thread on this site. So that is what I used.
  5. Swizzy, I do have fatalreboot enabled. And it looks as though you are correct as I am getting hard reboots. Thank you for confirming what is happening. I'll figure out what I want to do about it. I can attest to that, I am getting a ton of "framerate dropping." Is it only zombies though? Maybe I can try multiplayer or freerun and see if I get the same results. Thanks
  6. I don't know what type of information is best to provide for this post, but I'll just essentially state the issue. I was playing black ops 3 yesterday and the first time when I chose the zombies option, my Jasper RGH rebooted itself. I got back in again and tried zombies again, and it worked fine. After a couple rounds, at some point, the console reboot again. I stopped playing after that. The only other time this has happened to me has been when I'm playing Skyrim, and it happened very infrequently, maybe a few times over 60-80 hours? Thats just an estimate, but it wasn't ever concerning to me, and didn't affect my gameplay. No other games have to done this to me. Is it something to do with the copy of the game? or my console? Based on my research, I can tell you that my console doesn't have any overheating issues, as it runs extremely cool, plus right now my apartment is freezing. I keep the console clean and dust free. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Swizzy, used your program and worked great! Thank you
  8. Has anyone been able to get Harvest Moon Back To Nature working? I get a black screen (with endless music loop) during the prologue after putting all your information in and the mayor talks to you about taking over the farm. Thanks Edit: It didn't work on Emu2.zip, but I tried installing the original PCSXR 360 zip file and it worked fine on that one.
  9. cannellizer


    Other than the various forums I have visited where members talk about it being online only, the best source is probably the website "http://www.destinythegame.com/". At the bottom it says "An internet connection is required to play Destiny." I'm fairly convinced, but I figured I would put up the post in case there were forerunners that have the game now and know for sure.
  10. cannellizer


    I haven't gotten the game yet. So I have not tried anything.
  11. cannellizer


    I hadn't seen a post on the new Destiny game here. I just wanted to confirm that the game is online only. If so, any workaround for our offline consoles? Thanks
  12. enzoerbisti, Sorry I'm late.... Can I get that link as well? (And will it work for TU #15?) Thanks
  13. *Removed* Sent from my PC36100 using Xparent Cyan Tapatalk 2
  14. Haven't been around recently, I didn't realize there was a v5 out. HEXHACK must be making his influence on this site now. I'll see what I can do.
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