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  1. hqzon

    Xbox wont boot

    It wont boot even in 1hour, all wires are good, resolded and so on. That green led what should blink on chip dont blink also(it blinked but not as led should, can't see clearly when it blinked.
  2. Hi there. I had an rgh modded xbox. But oneday it does not boot anymore, green led on coolrunner not blinking also, is possible that i get my normal xbox back how ? Reflash ? Cant find any tutorial how to reflash and so on and does coolrunner chip need to work or how ? Thanks !
  3. Nevermind, guys played with bots
  4. I have question, some guys have lvl 1 only and not ranking up, but some players rank up and have higher rank, 10, somone 25 and so on, how i can get ranking work
  5. Hardcore_SnD | ZoN Call Of Duty Ghosts Hardcore All maps Search And Destroy Win limit 8 Lets play all together hardcore snd
  6. Looking players with who to play games like WRC 4 Fifa 14 Modern Warfare 3 Cod Ghost And some more. Language Engish, Suomi, Eesti
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