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  1. tell us what you did did you make it into GOD format?
  2. Any firewalls set up? Try a different port... dude you have so many ip's forwarded for your xbox it is unreal just have it setup for the ports you need. why do you have 3073 and 80? could be causing a conflict.
  3. thinkjoey

    Qusetion|GTA V

    I hate it when they leave out single player mode
  4. originally you would have to have your xbox live arcade games in the content folder for it to work, but this is not true... you can have your arcade games anywhere as long as you set a path in F3 to where they are.
  5. i have the game on my external and it is working fine maybe a bad source?
  6. sweet. did not know these things. I will probably just grab the dlc...actually...i have my saints row as a jtag format...i would need to get the iso huh?
  7. what do those features entail? if you have to have xbox live for those features then no. I am not sure what the toybox thing is though. Legit buy the game? sometimes when you buy games you can get a code to get some other features/extras...without xbox live access then you cannot get those things
  8. thinkjoey

    Madden NFL 13

    no...Madden 25 comes out this month. Just wait for that. It will be much better.
  9. oh i was just assuming that the hex fix had to be done with the latest update
  10. search function...there is also a tutorial section here
  11. ability to select the TU individually is amazing
  12. thinkjoey

    Madden 25 Demo

    so yea...if someone could extract it and upload it somewhere...i would greatly appreciate it
  13. thinkjoey

    Madden 25 Demo

    sounds fair to me!
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