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  1. flaviochief

    GTA V cash

    The BAWSAQ market is for LIVE connected players.Basically quit the game, there's no way you'll get 150milion without getting bored
  2. Either use overscan, or ajust the proportions of the TV to something like Just Scan
  3. So I tried moving GTA V to my internal XBOX 360 drive and it's even worse.Just keep DVD 2 on your external Hard Drive.Rockstar is bound to release a patch or something that'll smooth it out.
  4. Are you 100% sure that you're not running into any pop-up issues?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0gPB0gdoOM - That's the difference
  5. So Rockstar has advised that you should only install DVD 1 but you shouldn't install DVD 2 because that'll lead to texture/object pop-ups.I'm using DVD 2 on my external Hard Drive, is there anyway to go around this pop-up situation without using the DVD?
  6. flaviochief

    Gta V question.

    I'm downloading, and I'm already excited.
  7. Precisas de nos dar o TitleID, MediaID e uma imagem a provar como o jogo tem system link.E aqui deve-se usar Inglês. 95% não falam português.
  8. I speak his language, he's asking If somebody could add Pro Evolution Soccer to LiNK
  9. I try to move the bootanim.xex from my external hard drive back to the flash and it says, on freestyle dash, "operation failed" on top of the progress bar.I'm on dash 16203, if I update to 16537 will the bootanim.xex be installed? o.O
  10. I'd like to restore the original xbox 360 boot animation. To uninstall FakeAnim I just need to delete it? And once I delete it, all I have to do is to move the bootanim.xex to the xbox 360 flash right? Thanks. I just want to make sure I don't screw things up.
  11. It turned quiet when the Freestyle dash logo showed up right?If that happened you also need to change the fan speed inside Freestyle Dash, it's on Settings.
  12. You changed the fan speed, get used to it. Because it's noisy. Don't worry.
  13. I don't think that messing around with the fan speed can damage the console, unless you turn it off, but being at 100% shouldn't do any harm, correct me if I'm wrong please.And on dashlaunch you should change the fan speed, not the target temperatures.
  14. It's summer, the temperatures are high, and you should put the fan speed at 100%, it's noisy, really noisy, but you won't get temperatures that high
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