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Found 3 results

  1. hello everyone, Does anyone know a good scource for gta v mods for xbox 360?
  2. I was searching the forums about the game and was looking for specific issues with the game, I was having issues with the xbox crashing at certain times which I posted about in the other topics forum thinking it was an issue with Aurora which it was not, but I was interested in seeing what other peoples experiences was with the 360 version, I had the ISO version and converted it to GOD myself but it was crashing at the Abandoned Airfield flight school missions, specifically the Circle Airstrip and Land mission of flight school, I actually have 99.47% completion of the game and when looking around I had 1 stupid thing missing, ended up being that same exact flight school mission that crashes the xbox (shuts it completely off), I'm pretty sure its the preview video crashing it as some of the others work and even after the play and then they loop, still plays, until I select that one which acts like it freezes and crashes. Also I searched online about the bugs and some people found out that too many cars at one hideout will cause it to crash or something, so I was trying to blowup the unlocked aircraft to lighten the load on hardware resources or at least see if it would effect it, and it actually got me into the flight school but the videos would cause it to crash, I did find out that when I blew up the crates/boxes just beside the stairs to the flight school it would load the school fine, but that 1 particular "Circle Airstrip & land" mission is just a no go, crashes it everytime. Tried deleting CACHE from NXE, doesn't help, changed from GOD to regular Game Directory (someone said games run better if they are not GOD), that didn't make it better. I was looking at the files to see if there was a configuration file or something to disable the video on something but I figure that is wishful thinking as its probably hardcoded somewhere. Oddly I was able to get a Silver medal earlier in the game, but it wont load it at all now.. Wonder if using the save editor and removing that silver medal would allow me to play that one again?.. I'll also upload a video on youtube in a little bit, showing exactly what it does.
  3. So Rockstar has advised that you should only install DVD 1 but you shouldn't install DVD 2 because that'll lead to texture/object pop-ups.I'm using DVD 2 on my external Hard Drive, is there anyway to go around this pop-up situation without using the DVD?
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