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  1. I've looked at, there is nothing.
  2. I don´t receive any email with the new password.
  3. wuub

    Looking 4 Spanish people

    Okay, no problem. I´ll speak in english. Sorry dude.
  4. wuub

    Looking 4 Spanish people

    No estoy en ningun grupo de Facebook. Decia lo de hablar por voy para mas comodidad. Dime como lo hacemos.
  5. wuub

    Looking 4 Spanish people

    Perfecto, ¿tienes un pc cerca? Es para hablar por skype o ts.
  6. wuub

    Looking 4 Spanish people

    I can´t understand this spanish You can write in english, i don´t have a problem. The google tranlator is a piece of sh*t. I´m searching for spanish people to speak through skype. Sorry if i have any fault in my english, i´m learning it.
  7. Hola, me gustaria jugar con españoles a algun juego como COD:BO2, MW3, etc. Avisad por aqui.
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