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  1. strikerz

    H.A.W.X 2

    it can be played online on system link and no body play it, i hope people download such a great game !!
  2. you want to delete them permenantly?= just delete the games folder in the file manageryou want to keep them but dont find them in the games list? = delete the path u already have and create another folder and another path
  3. maybe the games are deleted and if you say not then wts then prove
  4. no you arent the only african
  5. and if you want the console to boot automatic to freestyle then go to dashlaunch>paths>default and the choose the directory of default.xex
  6. how do i have to do a setting to block live connection? in dashlaunch?
  7. guys how to block live? is there anything to write in launch.ini ?please help me
  8. i need to install xex menu but i cant find quickplay button so it shows up when i put the driver??? or it doesnt show up?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhkuVJq0a10&feature=player_embedded my freestyle is the same as that
  10. give me a link to download and a tutorial to install
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