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  1. What if i place on english languange game, other language DLC? Do they work? exp. i have English version Mass Effect 3 and i got Mass Effect 3 DLC's in russian language..
  2. Removed ^.- and .-$ and it didn't helped
  3. Hello guys.. I'm not really in to that coding thing. tried to do stuff but failed. Thing is i connected external HDD and want filter games only from my external HDD (Usb0). I couldn't manage to get exact script so just created folder in ex HDD "GODgames" and tried this: GameListFilterCategories.User["ExternalHDD"] = function(Content) return (string.match(Content.Directory, "^.-GODgames.-$") ~= nil) end And when using this filter no games appeared. Any help?
  4. hey. are you still wanna play anything?
  5. Hey guys! Is there a date of Aurora 0.6b release?
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