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  1. WHY xboxunit why .... Why u havent put BF4 in LiNK list why
  2. Thank You Dev So inshort i cant play most of the games online like Teken 6 or Grid 2 or Need For Speed or BF4 ?? i was hopefully waiting for NOVA as i have crossed my fingers that NOVA will let us play most of the games??
  3. Is there any way without System LiNk where i can play cracked games online with my friends??
  4. Please help me regarding LiNK... As i ve tried everything
  5. I ve tried everything i have found on internet regarding to put my Xbox Online on System LiNK :'( Now i have Aurora Pheonix i need your help guys still my System LiNK is greyed out at every game. For the test of System LiNK, Everything is passed except UPNP router detection which i thnk not a big Deal Need your help guys Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance btw P.S Sorry for my bad english i guess
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