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Found 6 results

  1. Hello just did a fresh install of Aurora on the latest Dash. But I don’t see System Link in Guide. Can someone help me out please . My System Link setup is good and all checks pass.
  2. this might be a dumb question but do aurora 0.7b skins work for aurora 0.7b 1
  3. [ Fixed ] I was messing with the dashlaunch config to make system link work, but I couldn't. I configurated things so wrongly that my Xbox wouldn't read memory properly: • When I try opening Naruto Storm Revolution, when I choose storage device, it would load the game and right after, Blasckscreen turn off. • When I try opening up BO III it just show not possible to find correct files to open DLC ( meaning also the storage devices has something wrong ). Thanks to the heaven, I had a Launch.ini file backup in my Pc, The file with the original configuration that came with my HD; So I just pasted the backup in my HD and it's fixed. Note: I still can't play on system link Edit: Details: Xbox RGH ( Freestyle 3.0 775, dashlaunch 3.21, Kernel: 2.0.17526.0 )
  4. Hello, this is the first topic I'm doing. I am creating my first skin; I'm starting with something simple. But there is only one thing left for her to be complete, which is to change this photo that I don't know how to do. If anyone can help me, I will be very grateful. Thank you. I used Goggle Translator to write this text. Some words may not be grammatically correct.
  5. Hi, I've had my xbox for over a year now and it has served me well, worked fine up until now that I've really started to use it but it sometimes works perfectly and sometimes gives the rdod this is completely random and there isn't a certain time limit after which the xbox red lights. It is rgh 2.0 with ace v3 chip install and I bought it installed didn't perform the hack myself. it also has lt 3.0 flashed drive. The code it gives is 0002. I did ask a few other people but they told me it is a southbridge problem and will require a new one to fix others told me that it is dead and to get a new one but where i live these things aren't going for cheap lately so another xbox is a difficult answer for me. I also know my way around xboxes have had a few of them done repairs as well as flashing and I have checked for any metal dust or crap that might have caused a cold joint near the cpu but i could'nt find anything. I did notice the rgh chip was a bit crooked and was touching a component on the mother board but i fixed and moved it a bit but it didn't help any. the shear fact that it powers on and works fine sometimes gives me hope that this machine has a simple problem. any opinions on fixes people?
  6. 2 months ago, I watched ModdedWarfare: "How to turn your rgh into a DevKit with RGloader" I saw it then I searched the internet for the lastest version. I found that felida has posted one, I downloaded it, flashed my nand and moved the files that are needed to the root of my external hdd, I did every thing correctly, but for no reason my Xbox stucks or freezes on the loading screen (the logo) any solutions? Also I deleted my launch.ini and xbdm.ini
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