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  1. Hello everyone, I have an xbox 360 slim with ace v3 mod chip and a flashed dvd drive. I've been using it for 3 to 4 years up until now I powered it on only to realize the fan wasn't spinning. Its easy to see and it was working fine up until yesterday and now sometimes the fan will try to spin, do a round and turn off but the xbox itself is working fine. I opened it up, there is dust but no major catastrophe, cleaned it and checked the voltages to see if the problem is in the fan or the xbox. This is where it gets confusing, the fan is running if I power it with a 9v battery using the ground and 12v pin and the xbox is giving it 12 volts as well but it doesn't run when plugged into the xbox. I'm stuck as to where the problem is since the fan runs outside the xbox but not when powered by the xbox. I also can't seem to find if the slim ever had a pattern of cooling where the fan turns off if cooling is not required and I don't remember anything fo the sort either. Please guide I need urgent help. Edit: after some trouble shooting I found that the fan would start running if I set the speed above 40 as a fan override. Below 45 the fan just turns off. Does this mean the fan is at fault or the console?
  2. Hi, I've had my xbox for over a year now and it has served me well, worked fine up until now that I've really started to use it but it sometimes works perfectly and sometimes gives the rdod this is completely random and there isn't a certain time limit after which the xbox red lights. It is rgh 2.0 with ace v3 chip install and I bought it installed didn't perform the hack myself. it also has lt 3.0 flashed drive. The code it gives is 0002. I did ask a few other people but they told me it is a southbridge problem and will require a new one to fix others told me that it is dead and to get a new one but where i live these things aren't going for cheap lately so another xbox is a difficult answer for me. I also know my way around xboxes have had a few of them done repairs as well as flashing and I have checked for any metal dust or crap that might have caused a cold joint near the cpu but i could'nt find anything. I did notice the rgh chip was a bit crooked and was touching a component on the mother board but i fixed and moved it a bit but it didn't help any. the shear fact that it powers on and works fine sometimes gives me hope that this machine has a simple problem. any opinions on fixes people?
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