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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've seen a few similar threads, but none of them described my problem, or solved it. Therefore I open a new topic: Problem: I can't get a "pass" on TCP/UDP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: I would like to play online with my RGH Xbox via System Link, but can't get a "pass" on the port tests. I am able to connect to "rooms" via System Link, but no games are found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games tested: Diablo 3 UEE (RF, latest TU), CoD Modern Warfare 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup: - XBOX 360, Jasper, Glitch2, FSD 3 Rev 775, Dashlaunch 3.10, Kernel 2.0.16537.0, Skin: The Dream Theme 2.5 - Router: Fritz Box 7630 - ISP: Willy.Tel (FTTB) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Network Settings in NXE: - Manual Settings - Static IP: (DHCP reserved IP for XBOX on MAC) - Subnet Mask: - Default Gateway: (IP of my Router) - Primary DNS: - Secondary DNS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dashlaunch Settings: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LiNK Settings (FSD): Enable LiNK ✔ Enable UPnP ✔ Data Port: 3072 Broadcast Port: 3071 Status: FSD Plugin is Loaded || ConnectX Plugin is not Loaded... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Router Settings: UPnP enabled ✔ List of UPnP enabled Ports: Protocol Port Host IP-Address to Port TCP 3072 RGHXBOX 3072 TCP 3072 RGHXBOX 3072 UDP 3071 RGHXBOX 3071 UDP 3071 RGHXBOX 3071 Port Forwarding: Exposed Host for RGHXBOX ( Additional Router Info: There is no DMZ Option available There is no NAT Settings Option available (see above: Exposed Host) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Result of Test in FSD: UPnP Status: UPnP enabled Router Found Data Port Status: Port: 3072 TCP: Fail UDP: Fail Broadcast Port Status: Port 3071 TCP: Fail UDP: Fail JQE360 Authentication Status: Auth [username]: Pass DevLink Disabled: Pass: DevLink is disabled Ping Patch Enabled: Pass: Ping Patch enabled ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info: I have already tried setting the Router to non DHCP which had the same result. Changing the ports in the Router and in FSD had the same result. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That should be it... I hope I haven't forgotten anything and hopefully someone can help me with this issue. Thx in advance and Cheers Nachtgarm
  2. I can't access my unity account I need help my username is alvariooogp and my email is alvaropza1999@hotmail.com
  3. Hi there, this simple Script is providing a service of Xboxunity straight onto your console. Script: Icon: Name: Unity Friends Description: "See Unity Friends who are active" (Currently, TBD) What is planned: - List all Friends who are Online - Use Services from Unity -- Block, Add, Mail? - TBA ... Why did i create this?: I wanted to see, if my friends are Online and playing a Game. So i can Join and surprise. ... What are the benefits?: - See who of your friends are online. ... Is it final?: Currently, it's more a concept. (See below) Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. What prevents its release?: - The Scripts can only do GET-Requests. - Xboxunity does have a Login and works with the API Key and a PHP-Session. We can't use a PHP-Session or a Cookie yet. I don't know if it will ever happen. - We can't retrieve the needed Information or Services with the API Key and the current "API" - It would be nice, if we could "get" the API Key from Aurora, if available. Otherwise, we would need a Login (at least, once) -- When using API Key, i need to consider security also. ... Where is the download?: Depends on finding solution to the Limitations. But once it's available, you can download it directly to your console via Aurora Repo Browser.
  4. I just bought LEGO Dimensions plus the Portal 2 and Doctor Who add on packs, and it requires a Title Update to properly use the add-on figures and levels. I had a look in xboxunity but there aren't any title updates listed there yet. My box is RGH, just updated to 2.0.17489.0 thanks to Swizzy's Kernel Updating Guide. I remember hearing long ago that it was a bad idea to connect a modded 360 to the internet, and specifically to XBOX Live. The rumour at the time was that it was likely to get banned, and that getting banned somehow corrupted the hard drive as well. I've kept my box offline all these years out of fear, but never really known the truth. What's the truth of the situation these days? Is it a really bad idea for me to try connecting so I can download this Title Update? I don't really care if I get banned as long as it doesn't wreck my machine in some way.
  5. World chat to find a people why ready play Xbox 360 System Link right now. We are few, but we are looking for you^^ every person is important. I know a couple chats in Discord, discord good platform for pc, But this is not the concept for Connecting people from all over the world to find a teammates . and other reason is 5 mb file limit in Discord. Join us, yr Welcome^^ https://t.me/xboxunity
  6. How i can report a hacker in xbox unity ? Theres any control about that?
  7. I didn´t found this reguest so i do it. Can you please add the feature that you can see in Aurora Dashboard how many players are actually online in a game ? As extra feature so you have a sorted list with max players online and in what for an game. I think that will motivate people to play more Multiplayer when they see there are players online.
  8. Hello guys! My question is exactly this: There's a plan to put Xbox Classic games to play online again on Xbox 360 on Aurora via LiNK ou NOVA? I imagine that this is not a high priority for Aurora Team right now, but i might to know if there's a possibility to do this on the future or if is possible to liberate to use the old method to play online via LiNK like was on JQE360 (where we can join in a 360 game room and use the HUD to load the "default.xbe" on the System Link Xbox Classic game)? This is the old JQE360 method that i say: https://www.youtube.com/embed/pZ4_Dirt6u0?html5=1&fs=1 (Kira135 forum member, or something like this) If not, there's a date to put this on the new NOVA? I hope so and i believe there's a lot of people that will'be joy with this! I read for several hours a lot of topics and i see that the last topic about this theme was in january/2015 and is dead. If i duplicate the topic, sorry 4 this. Thanks 4 all the work and continue like this.
  9. Well, as i wrote above, Does NAT bear on link performance ? Since i keep getting a NAT strict advice on HALO reach and COD BAlck ops 2, im wondering how does nat bear on it and if there is a way to solve that. Reading some topics here i found solutions like opening ports, or set up DMZ but i've done that already. Whenever i make the test i get everything passed so its not expected to get this advice but im getting it. Thanks.
  10. Everyone's welcome but, would prefer people with mics that speak english. My gamertag is MILFHUNTERO6. I would like to see a online community on Link.Maybe Team FSD will create a msg service and make Link even more awesome!! Hope to get to play with some of ya.
  11. When i enter my xbox that have freestyle 3 and i try to sign in or do anything it says no network connection detected, guys please i want a Full guide on how to play online but first the solve of the problem of no network connection, i cant even use wireless because i can't see the menu i can use to connect, help. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, I'm brainstorming a project. I think I'd like to invest my "time" in. So here is the thing... I love FSD what the team has done with LiNK! I think it's incredible that we have a work around for us RGH users. Now I've tried searching all over the web for any groups working on some sort of project that entails the RGH unit being able to connect to a private server for..... Let's say Street Fight X Tekken and so far i've gotten no info in that. Most likely it doesn't exist. Does anyone know what would something like that take in order to make it possible? Programs, Equipment, $$$, what ever? I need some intelligent answers, cause this is something I'm seriously looking into. Is it even possible to redirect the connection of an RGH Xbox360 to an alternative source to play a non-system link game online? Thanks for the feed back.
  13. Hi guys, First of all, great work on LiNK and FSD and everything. Much appreciated, and well respected! I personally own two RGH consoles, as I am a huge fan of local co-op. Recently, I added the LiNK plugin as an alternative to XBSlink, which I use for playing remotely with a friend (X-Link is unreliable for me, for some reason...) because XBSlink is a real hassle to set up sometimes. So the way I understood it - there's no way to do both, right? To play Locally and via LiNK, that is. The reason, as I understand it, being that the LiNK plugin funnels traffic from your device to an external address, that being FQE, instead of regular system link usage which is to the router and to other devices on the network. What XBSlink does is, as part of the "other devices", sit and listen for Xbox packets and THEN forwards them to the external target. So my question is - is this how it works? If so, can't it be made so that the XBox transmits the packets as is to BOTH targets (the network AND the external FQE) so that folks with more than one XBox can enjoy local play whilst on LiNK? Is there some other fix, other than unloading LiNK on both consoles, for playing local System Link again? A different question is - how do I make it so LiNK doesn't load by default? I'm more prone to play locally than online, and I'd prefer LiNK to be off by default for the time being, until it can support both local and online play. I know there's an "Always Off" setting, but it doesn't seem to re-enable local system link; only unloading the plugin does. Anyway, thanks, and keep on the EXCELLENT work!
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