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  1. Hello,

    I really need help. I have xbox 360 and just bought Lego Dimensions with a several of fun packs charachters for my son. We have Aurora on our xbox. I downloaded game and installed. The game runs. We put the batman, gandalf and etc. but than the right place of the platform flushes. we put every charachter but the message is the same: "An update is required to access this content". 

    Unfortunately, I read the forum. But I have very bad knowledge about terms. I don't understand what is Title Update and how it will help to solve the problem. My son is dying to play the Sonic fun pack. 

    I beg you to help me. My e-mail address is rusyabatu@gmail.com.   

  2. You need to get it into the proper location under Content/0000000000000000/ and so on, on the hard drive. I do that by copying it from USB stick to hard drive in XeXMenu or with the file browser built into Aurora.
  3. When you purchase a Level Pack set you'll need to download the free DLC that enables that level inside the game. I've been collecting those DLC files as I've needed them, but it's against the rules to share them here. I can only share links to the Title Updates here.
  4. Got a new Title Update. It brings the game up to version 1.3.0 (You can see version number at the bottom of the options screen from the main menu). Also got updated Doctor Who Level DLC and the new Ghostbusters Level DLC. Here's the link for the new Title update: https://mega.nz/#F!SxxUwLgT!04-QRtcgKk8bGHouVsFWEg
  5. Edited my post to link to only the Title Update.
  6. Ah, fair enough. What about just the title update?
  7. Got Title Update 3 and the Free DLC files. Here's a link to download the Title Update: https://mega.nz/#F!CxoFhBbR!RWjiYxm54hItJy8JhWdVrA I can't provide a link to the Free DLC files as per the rules of this site.
  8. Anyone managed to upload this to a file sharing site or something? I really need it!
  9. Thanks, I'll see who I know with a retail console.
  10. I just bought LEGO Dimensions plus the Portal 2 and Doctor Who add on packs, and it requires a Title Update to properly use the add-on figures and levels. I had a look in xboxunity but there aren't any title updates listed there yet. My box is RGH, just updated to 2.0.17489.0 thanks to Swizzy's Kernel Updating Guide. I remember hearing long ago that it was a bad idea to connect a modded 360 to the internet, and specifically to XBOX Live. The rumour at the time was that it was likely to get banned, and that getting banned somehow corrupted the hard drive as well. I've kept my box offline all these years out of fear, but never really known the truth. What's the truth of the situation these days? Is it a really bad idea for me to try connecting so I can download this Title Update? I don't really care if I get banned as long as it doesn't wreck my machine in some way.
  11. http://www.xboxunity.net/ Doesn't have any title updates for LEGO Dimensions yet. I've just bought the game too and I'm keen to play it. If there's one available out there, what's the process required for someone to get it and upload it to unity?
  12. Thanks! Got that working now.
  13. Every time Aurora loads, it displays my games sorted by Title Name. I hit B to get into the View options and change the Sort to Recent Activity, and it re-orders them to show what's been most recently added or played, but as soon as I leave play a game and then return to Aurora, it's back to showing them sorted by Title Name again. Is there button I missed somewhere to save my view settings?
  14. Thanks for all your help! I got through to the end of the guide and got everything working well now.
  15. With a bit more reading I've managed to figure out most of it now. The first stumbling point for me was remembering how to actually launch .xex files. There's a certain level of knowledge that your guide is expecting, and while I used to have that knowledge, it's taken a bit of effort to figure things out again after a couple of years away from the scene. Some instructions on how to launch .xex files, or a link to a basic guide on that might be useful for total noobs, or those like me who have been away for a long time. I put Simple 360 NAND Flasher onto my freshly FAT32 formatted USB HDD, and launched its .xex file through XeXMenu. It dumped my NAND, but informed me that I had a bad block. Is that going to be a problem? Step 2, getting the CPU key was a bit of a struggle at first, since I didn't remember exactly what Xell was and how to launch it. A bit of googling got me the info I needed. It's built-in as part of the RGH mod, and launched by hitting the Eject button to turn the console on. Might be a good idea to mention that in the guide. Once I got that sorted out, I was able to read the CPU key off the screen, and also harvest it through the network with xeBuild GUI. Step 3, verifying the CPU key all went pretty smoothly. It confirmed that I have a Jasper 16MB, so I selected that in the Motherboard section on the left. I'm a little unsure of what to select in the Build type section on the left though. You told me I have RGH 1.X, but I don't know if I should select ECC or Freeboot. Couldn't find any mention of that section in the guide. Step 4, verifying the CB version was no problem. I got 6750 which matches up with Jasper RGH 1.X correctly. Steps 5 and 6 look simple enough, but I'll wait until I hear back from you about the bad block and the build type before I try to do them.
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