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  1. So waht to do with the Strict NAt advie i get on REACH ? i cant join other player's game because of that... it doesn happen always, but it happens.
  2. Well, as i wrote above, Does NAT bear on link performance ? Since i keep getting a NAT strict advice on HALO reach and COD BAlck ops 2, im wondering how does nat bear on it and if there is a way to solve that. Reading some topics here i found solutions like opening ports, or set up DMZ but i've done that already. Whenever i make the test i get everything passed so its not expected to get this advice but im getting it. Thanks.
  3. CAn you help m e pls ? i face the same issue, which Data/broadcast ports are you using ?
  4. so isnt there a solutio for taht so far ? i do thank you guys for developing the link plataform, but i face lot of issues when joining to some rooms, specially with Balck ops and black ops 2. If you guys could giewm me an advice on how to set up link or is would there be a trick for getting it working better i would be really thankfull. i clarify, link works quite good when i play Halo reach and Advanced Warfare, but i would like to play black ops 2 but link doesnt work as good as on these other games. when i do the test on aurora i get pass on all of them, port mapping, upnp, acces to unity, everything is passed and i dont kwon what to do to play black ops 2 through link. thanks
  5. Party buffalo does the same and it's free Enviado desde mi GT-I9505 mediante Tapatalk
  6. TU 13 is needed...Enviado desde mi GT-I9505 mediante Tapatalk
  7. I wonder if you assigned game routes again on aurora... it seems like you skipped that
  8. Re install Aurora, that might solve the issue...
  9. Eeh gente ... como hago para probar el ping? Me suena unirme pero estoy en Colombia ahí que ? Tengo cuenta en unity pero ni idea nunca la he usado
  10. It came with havoc dlc. .. I didn't think it was necessary with this one [emoji12] it's working now. Thanks for your help !!
  11. Packs 2 and 3 came with the dlc, a season pass and the TU10... that's what I have installed.
  12. Well... I've just replaced Te TU and all game files/folders , the dlc and the compatibility packs inside the same tittleID folder and Aurora finally recognizes the TU now... but still asks for Live connection ... even for regular multiplayer mode, if I disable the TU then I can go on multiplayer mode but then the Exo zombi mode is not available. I've checked the dlc with xm360 and it is unlocked... I don't know what the problem is, I have more dlcs and this is the one that gives me so much problems... have you gotten it to work ?
  13. Yep is tittleID, sorry...Yes, as I manually scan for TU, Aurora restarts and it shows a message like " Advanced warfare TU backing up..." or something like that... but no TU ate shown when I want to activate it just before run the game, so I connect the console to the Internet and Download it. The TU and the compatibility packs came with the Dlc I downloaded.
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