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  1. Hello, I used to play Ninja Gaiden 2 on my Xbox on TU3, for all DLCs. It used to work on my Xbox without any problems. Now I felt like to play this good game again and I did notice that TU0 was loaded even though I activated TU3 on Aurora. - I did a rescan of my TUs --> nothing changes, game says TU0 is loaded - I redownloaded Tu3 on Aurora --> nothing changes, game says TU0 is loaded - I manually added the TU3 into the content folder --> nothing changes, game says TU0 is loaded - I reinstalled all DLCs of the game --> nothing changes, game says TU0 is loaded Any ideas what I can do now? I'm kinda clueless atm why my game used to work but now it doesn't MS Kernel: 16767 ( it used to work on older MS Kernels like 16537 or 16203 and I never updated beyond my current Kernel) Dashlaunch: 3.16 Aurora 0.5 My game MID is 69F555CB I will upload my launch.ini later
  2. I see I may come back to you if I'm about to change back to freeboot
  3. So it's basicly just like updating the MS Kernel?
  4. Hello, I may get a Xbox which has the "latest" RGLoader (supports 17150) so it's a Devkit XBox. Can I actually change it back to Freeboot so I can use Freestyle or Aurora again? If so how?
  5. Had this problem too, for some reason all the TUs of all my games were permanently deactivated. As soon I activated them, they somehow deactivated themselves. Most TUs I manually installed to the Xbox HDD not to my externa HDD. All I could do was to reinstall Aurora to solve this.
  6. Had this problem too, after a quick google search you need to delete some DLCs: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Unable-to-Access-Exo-Zombies-Mode-on-Xbox-360/?l=en_US&c=Game_Title%3AAll&fs=RelatedArticle I deleted my "CoD AW Day Zero + Advanced Arsenal Pack DLC" and then it worked.
  7. Well, I don't have a clue too. Most strange thing is, it is completely random. It might happen anytime and it vanish randomly after several reboots or shutdowns.
  8. I don't think it's because of that, I am still on 16767 (I only update if necessary). I might update my MS Kernel, see if this problem occurs there too. I did that 3 times now, even reinstalled it on another HDD just to be sure. I now turned on the auto scan feature on the TUs as well, I will report back, if this problem occurs again Oh yeah, is it possible because of my game libary? Got 310 games on my HDD
  9. Hello, I didn't know where I could post my little problem exactly I do have Aurora 0.5b r1025 and I noticed something. Suddenly almost all of my games don't have the TU activated when I start the game. The TUs are also not listed in the "Details", I may redownload them but they still don't appear as enabled TUs. I tried to rescan my TUs but the problem remains. My TUs eventually are normal again after reboot or shutdown. I don't know how I can fix that, any ideas how to resolve that?
  10. I didn't know there was an editor out here for free usage, thanks for mentioned it. Now I can do this by myself, I will upload this afterwards. Thanks for making this
  11. Can someone make me a special cover layout? I found myself a good wallpaper which would fit with the "Stand up" cover layout, IMO But the size of the covers is a bit big, so can someone decrease the size of the covers? Heres the normal "Stand up" cover layout: http://www.imgbox.de/users/public/images/8brtTeEaOU.JPG and this is the about the size I want it (that's still the "Stand up" cover layout when you tilt the RS back): http://www.imgbox.de/users/public/images/8Dh7V4GyyD.JPG Thank you EDIT: After some hassle with the layout editor (my firewall blocked the editor for no reason) I made myself the layout I want. Stand Up EDITED by RoxasValentine.rar
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