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  1. hey guys, I'm having this issue whenever i press on system link ingame my xbox turn off am using aurora 0.6 with rss feed off and still dont work
  2. omar walid

    COD AW error

    I have the 3 comp pack media id 4f somthing i have everything uptodate that include the dash
  3. omar walid

    COD AW error

    i keep getting this error when i open cod aw with new dlc { A Downloadable Content Package Was Removed Or All Profiles Are Signed Out } and when i use TU 12 i cant finx exo zombies when i use TU 9 exo zombie is there but when i open the new map i get the error from above also the profile swaping aint working..
  4. I just hope they dont cancel it for xbox. And ps3 like they did with last light....
  5. omar walid

    mortal combat X

    hey guys , i wanted to know did any one got it as iso ? was it realse for 360 yet ? or no and ty
  6. i got 1 question if i instal the cod AW compatibility pack 2 the spanish one on my game english version will it work ? or what
  7. well swizzy i didnt know that's against the rules sry bro wont happen again
  8. i wana download it but cant find where any torrent link will be awesome
  9. hey there, i have this problem with the cod black ops 2 dlc revolution when i added to the game file it doesnt work . I downloaded the other 5 or 4 dlc before it and they work just fine even when i use the app called xm360 it tell me that {NO matching title in the database} idk why if any one know how to fix it let me know and ty and btw the game id matches
  10. hi there, i wana ask you guys about something is there any chance to play xbox one games on xbox 360 ? or it's impossible? and i wana ask also about titan fall cant we play it by xboxunity ? or what
  11. hey there , i having an issue with xboxunity.com i am not able to join rooms on the web it was working just fine then i didnt use it for 4 days i guess then it stoped every room i try to join on the web it give me an error failed failed to join room any one have any idea ? i tryed on COD AW i got the newest tittle update and everything and COD balck ops 2 the same and ty
  12. omar walid

    COD AW

    from where should i get this dlc i searched every where.... i cant even register in xbox360iso it say Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator. so any one know where to get that dlc/
  13. this game is awesome too many new chars and stuff , i was hoping any one know if there is any dlc from it to unlock all char and get all ?customs
  14. omar walid

    COD AW

    hello there , i was wondering is there any dlc to unlock the zombie mode in survival? or i just have to play unlock it get unlocked?
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