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  1. everytime the main menu loads up and i press the zombies option the game hangs....anyone knows why?
  2. i cannot switch characters when replaying a mission...is there any solutions?? -i tried deleting my save -i extracted a fresh copy of gta v from the iso - i downloaded a new iso
  3. oh i see! thank you very much for the help!
  4. ohh thanks so much salah! May i just ask why should i remove rest of the episodes first?
  5. but i tried deleting my tu already and the game still gets stuck at that point.... EDIT: i managed to get past the scene where batman crashes into the building through the window but right after that the game gets stuck again
  6. after batman came crashing into the window in episode 1,the game loops again from the beginning. Any solutions? ps i tried downloading from several sources already but the same problem keeps on happening
  7. mgsv phantom pain is pretty good as well
  8. what will happen if i use the delete all title updates option in aurora? Will it just delete the backups or will it delete the original tu as well? sorry for wrong title
  9. can anyone show me how to change shirt textures in gta v for jtag (using pc textures)? help is appreciated
  10. ooh...thanks for the info guess i'll just use tu26 then
  11. oh dont worry i just use it for offline purposes only ....btw it is from evil blunts trainer from tu24 and i wanted to update it to tu27
  12. when i inject the modded script.rpf from tu26 into tu27 using libertyv and change the update.rpf using velocity , everytime gta v will hang at the loading screen. Anyone knows the solution? help appreciated (i already rehashed the title update using velocity)
  13. make sure no plugin is running...worked that way for me
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