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  1. Noted and Thanks, Swizzy. I will explore the filter/hide setting/method. Also thanks to all who provided feedback and advice. Cheers!
  2. Hi bogdanval, and thanks for the quick feedback. When you said create 4 folders in USB0, which do you mean as per below options? Thanks. Option 1: USB0/LA Noire Disk 1/ ...content of disc 1 USB0/LA Noire Disk 2/ ...content of disc 2 USB0/LA Noire Disk 3/ ...content of disc 3 USB0/LA Noire Disk 4/ ...content of disc 4 Option 2: USB0/LA Noire/Disk 1/ ...content of disc 1 USB0/LA Noire/Disk 2/ ...content of disc 2 USB0/LA Noire/Disk 3/ ...content of disc 3 USB0/LA Noire/Disk 4/ ...content of disc 4 Update. Ok, I have tried 'Option 1' as above, it works! Now it is able load or continue the game play when I select resume. Once again, thanks to "bogdanval" for the help! The only thing about this new working method is that it will shows 4 disc cover at the games page (instead of 1). But then, having it works (auto swap) is better than not.
  3. Dear All, Firstly Hello to everyone here, and also thank you to all the administrators for all the works done. I just acquired a jtag xbox360 slim about 1 month ago, done a lot of self searching for the "how to" and "what to do" information regards jtag-world, and are able to manage things so far. I have successfully switch from FSD to Aurora, and able to have the basics work including LiNK. Recently tried to install the "LA NOIRE" complete edition game that consist 4 discs of ISO files. As usual I read there are few methods for individual multi-dics games. So I tried the below following method, - Extracted each of the 4 disc ISO to XEX format into the following respective folders, USB0/LA Noire/ ...content of disc 1. USB0/LA Noire/Disk 2/ ...content of disc 2. USB0/LA Noire/Dick 3/ ...content of disc 3. USB0/LA Noire/Disk 4/ ...content of disc 4. But after playing the game till a stage I believe is suppose to swap disc, the tv screen just turn blank/black and remain there. It will simply hang like that until I need to hard-reset the console. This some how tells me that it is unable to 'auto swap' to disc 2 if I am correct. Because when I manually using file manager to navigate to disc 2 content and the starts the default.xex file directly, it is able to load the new game play. Btw fyi, in my Dashlaunch setting for "auto swap", it is set to 'disabled'. Q1) Can someone who has successfully installed LA Noire game and get the auto swap works properly especially with Aurora dashboard, please advice me how to do it? Q2) Did I do something wrong, or miss any steps in my above mentioned installation of this game? Q3) Must I use the GOD format (or method) instead? Or any other kind feedback or assistances will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance to help guide me please.
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