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  1. Battlefield 1 Sent from my SM-G7102
  2. Oh come on! Why did u make that small statement that i didn't even think much about when typing to a big problem???Sent from my SM-G7102
  3. I mean u can just make things and just ignore the negativity but care about the positivitySent from my SM-G7102 ???Sent from my SM-G7102
  4. I like to download games, and one game takes around 2 days to complete downloading. Usually, i download the game at night when i'm sleeping and i set my ps4 to rest mode. I usually keep my ps4 in rest mode when downloading for around 6 hours, then i switch off my ps4 then turn on again after a couple of minutes to download again, because i'm worried that my ps4 will overheat and break. I just wanna know if it can actually stay in rest mode longer without breaking. Sent from my SM-G7102
  5. I think swizzy ever said that rgh and retail consoles can't play together Sent from my SM-G7102
  6. Haha finally 👠Good job But the transparency is too much Sent from my SM-G7102
  7. In another one and a half year, aurora 0.7b probably would have a very low download numberSent from my SM-G7102
  8. Which has a really high chance of not being released...Sent from my SM-G7102
  9. Great.What game do u play Sent from my SM-G7102
  10. Hello I've asked this question on the Xbox 360 console and some of the replies said that it is not really safe. How about the PS4? Is it safe? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Oops, I think I posted this in the wrong section... Sent from my SM-G7102
  11. From all the different answers i've read on other websites, none of the answers involve paying for the haircuts (except for connecting to xbox live / social club answers)If it does involve paying...well...rockstar is the new activision... Sent from my SM-G7102
  12. I've seen a lot of youtubers that play gta v with special character haircuts, but my gta v characters don't have them. I read some websites and there are a lot of answers that are different from each other. I just want to have the max payne look on michael. Anyone knows how to get the extra haircuts in gta v? Sent from my SM-G7102
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