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  1. Very good all of this! i hope that's new Aurora release (0.6b or another) have a System LiNK Xbox Classic support on 360 compatibility.
  2. Hello guys! My question is exactly this: There's a plan to put Xbox Classic games to play online again on Xbox 360 on Aurora via LiNK ou NOVA? I imagine that this is not a high priority for Aurora Team right now, but i might to know if there's a possibility to do this on the future or if is possible to liberate to use the old method to play online via LiNK like was on JQE360 (where we can join in a 360 game room and use the HUD to load the "default.xbe" on the System Link Xbox Classic game)? This is the old JQE360 method that i say: https://www.youtube.com/embed/pZ4_Dirt6u0?html5=1&fs=1 (Kira135 forum member, or something like this) If not, there's a date to put this on the new NOVA? I hope so and i believe there's a lot of people that will'be joy with this! I read for several hours a lot of topics and i see that the last topic about this theme was in january/2015 and is dead. If i duplicate the topic, sorry 4 this. Thanks 4 all the work and continue like this.
  3. Thanks for to aswer the question, but where's the thread for request new games on the list? If u can, please paste lhe link for this request (sorry, i'm really a noob to finding this..)
  4. How can i upload a new title on Unity, if there's no option for this?
  5. Thanks 4 the skins and update to 0.5b. Waiting 4 the Cysis skin 4 Aurora 0.5b. Best skin ever (hexagon is a great idea)
  6. Ok, thanks. I really like all the work that everbody have in the creation and upgrades on Aurora. Good job and thanks for answer the question (sorry for multilanguage)
  7. [english] I have a question: on access to System Link using Xbox Classic games. Before the site change (http://link.jqe360.com/ to http://xboxunity.net/), it was possible to access the System Link using a trick (opening a Xbox360 game, connecting to Link and exchanging game without back in the dash). Now you can no longer play in the Link with Xbox Classic games using the Xbox360. My question is: there will be some access to the Xbox classic games in the Nova? [brazilian portuguese] Eu tenho uma questão: sobre o acesso à System Link usando jogos do Xbox Clássico. Antes do site mudar (http://link.jqe360.com/ para http://xboxunity.net/), era possível acessar a System Link usando um truque (abrindo um jogo de Xbox360, conectando na Link e trocando de jogo sem voltar na dash). Agora não é mais possível jogar na Link com os jogos de Xbox Clássico usando o Xbox360. Minha pergunta é: vai haver algum acesso para os jogos do Xbox Clássico no Nova? [español latino] Tengo una pregunta: en el acceso al Sistema de Enlace usando juegos de Xbox Classic. Antes del cambio sitio (http://link.jqe360.com/ a http://xboxunity.net/), fue posible acceder al Sistema de Enlace usando un truco (la apertura de un juego de Xbox 360, que conecta a Link y el intercambio de juego sin de nuevo en la dash). Ahora ya no se puede jugar en el enlace con juegos de Xbox Classic usando la Xbox360. Mi pregunta es: ¿habrá algún tipo de acceso a los juegos de Xbox Classic en el Nova?
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