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  1. Not working for me :(thank you anyway bro
  2. I have the same problem but I have XBOX 360 Slim. All ports are fine, test is passed in F3 but I can't press System Link.
  3. I think that ports are ok because everything passed, but I am not sure that I have made everything well on router settings, so if someone knows how to deal with Linksys router settings let me know
  4. Hello guys!I have a problem. I want to play COD Ghosts, everything works well until I run the game and wanted to press SYSTEM LINK. I can't press it, SYSTEM LINK button is in light grey colour, so I don't know where is the problem. I'm running F3 via XeXmenu, games are on my external hard drive. LiNK test works well, everything passed, also ports, I am logged in jqe360.com on website (remember me is checked) and in F3 also, but still not working, even title updates are downloaded so I am really pissed of at the moment. Please help me fix this.Greets!
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