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  1. Hi, I have just tried to unload FSD Plugin and load again. Now the System Link option is ok.
  2. I forgot to specify, I'm using internal HD in both cases.
  3. Hello, I have a Xbox 360 Phat with Jasper board rgh. I changed FSD 3 some times, changed skin, reset many times fsd settings. The port 1000/1001 tests, jqe360 login are ok. But when I open the menu with ( X ) button, the "System Link" option doesn't light up, remains light gray without possibility to select. I tried other ports like 3072/3071, 10001/10011 but happens the same. The tests was made with COD BO, COD BO2, COD Ghosts, Diablo 3 In the same LAN I have other Xbox 360. Slim, Trinity with rgh. This console connects on System Link successfully, like any tutorial. Can someone help with this? Thanks.
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