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Found 13 results

  1. I can join rooms on system link, but matches doesn't appear in game ( black ops 2 ). Help
  2. Hello there, after multiple tries to get LiNK to work, I finally got it by using Aurora NOVA plugin. When opening the game, It simply said that my DLC's were for another media ID, but suddenly after closing and opening the game, my cod black ops 2 just freezes on selecting "multiplayer" or "zombies" in the menu. After many tries, opening the game (from aurora, freestyle, or even any browser) makes a completely black screen. HELP!
  3. Skin with dark semi-transparent interface Call of duty Black ops 2 The Skin has 5 images that change every 5-10 seconds By: Clan AZTEK Screenshots: Enlace: https://mega.nz/#!dPgzUbDa!HRZWUUbzsf-Ff055yfJy6lh9AoFWBt8n5cUCZZYB5nE
  4. hi i want to re-sharing with you guys This trainer for Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Title Update #18 created by someone but the link was down so her i am re-upload the files (i also just copy what modytiger123 said about the instruction to use the files) modytiger123 instructions : It will let you use ALL CAMOS, ALL RETICLES and COLORED CLASSES NAMES. To run trainer simply copy this foldersomewhere to your Xbox360. You can use it from USB or HDD or even CD-DVD(Place doesn't matter). To run this trainer launch "START.xex" from thisfolder. After few seconds it will boot you back to your dash. To activate trainer in game you have to press: "BACK+DPAD_DOWN" for CAMOS MENU and"BACK+DPAD_UP" for RETICLES MENU. Instructions will be showed on screen for every single menu. Features: - You can setup any DLC camo for any class - You can setup any DLC reticle for any class - You can setup colors for your classes names To setup camo activate CAMOS MENU and put number of Class + number of Camo. Example: If you want "Graffiti" camo in Class 2 the code to type in trainer will be "204" To setup reticle activate RETICLES MENU and put number of Class + number of Reticle. Example: If you want "Graffiti" reticle in Class 1 the code to type in trainer will be "104" To setup color for your class name activate any menu and put number of Class + number of Color. Example: If you want your second class name to be in green color code to type in trainer will be "22" Important: Before you'll use the trainer to get colored classes names RENAME your class and put "11" at the beginning of your name. Example: If you want your class name to be "DESTROYER" rename it to "11DESTROYER" before using colors. There is one catch about reticles and camos. You can switch between them however you like (mix camos and reticles in any order) but only for classes 1,3 & 5. It's not possible for classes 2 & 4. That's why I decided to preset reticles with camos for classes 2 & 4. That means if you pick camo for class 2 or 4 it will come with preseted reticle (if you'll choose "Graffiti" camo it will setup "Graffiti" reticle) Only 4 camos don't have corelated reticles (Gold, Diamond, Elite Member and CE Digital). The rest of them have corelated reticles. Ofcourse you can setup any reticle for class 2 or 4 but keep in mind that it will change yourCamos in these classes. I'm sorry, but it has to be this way becausethat's how the game is developed and He don't have time now to bypass that in trainer. List of codes: Camos: 01 - Jungle Warfare 02 - Benjamins 03 - Dia De Los Muertos 04 - Graffiti 05 - Kawaii 06 - Party Rock 07 - Zombies 08 - Viper 09 - Bacon 10 - Ghosts 11 - Cyborg 12 - Dragon 13 - Aqua 14 - Breach 15 - Coyote 16 - Glam 17 - Rogue 18 - Pack-A-Punch 19 - Dead Man's Hand 20 - Beast 21 - Octane 22 - Weaponized 115 23 - UK Punk 24 - Paladin 25 - Comics 26 - Afterlife 27 - Advanced Warfare 28 - Gold 29 - Diamond 30 - Elite Member 31 - CE Digital Color Changer Camo removed by TreyArch since Title Update #17 Reticles: 01 - Jungle Warfare 02 - Benjamins 03 - Dia De Los Muertos 04 - Graffiti 05 - Kawaii 06 - Party Rock 07 - Zombies 08 - Viper 09 - Bacon 10 - Ghosts 11 - Cyborg 12 - Dragon 13 - Aqua 14 - Breach 15 - Coyote 16 - Glam 17 - Rogue 18 - Pack-A-Punch 19 - Dead Man's Hand 20 - Beast 21 - Octane 22 - Weaponized 115 23 - UK Punk 24 - Paladin 25 - Comics 26 - Afterlife 27 - Advanced Warfare Colors: 1 - Red 2 - Green 3 - Yellow 4 - Blue 5 - Light Blue 6 - Violet Please Like for more posts the P@ssw0rd for the RAR file is : zack47 back up Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/valg7vvephit8g1/BO2_DLC.rar BO2 DLC.rar
  5. Hey guys, I really need Help quick.So i have Freestyle dash 3. And i updated it and then installed TU for BO2 but when i run the game(or any game) and press guide button to start LiNK it says "Plugin Update Required to connect to LiNK" but i already have updated. Plz Help quick.
  6. Hello people from liNK, I would like to make a clan on call of duty ghosts/black ops 2/modern warfare 3 so we could be a team. plz contact me: kik: stenvl gmail: goodbetterbesttutorials@gmail.com
  7. Hey guys. I got some problem with my black ops 2. When I play Black ops 2 Dlc Zombies and Add Local Players for Split Screen this error appears "Fatalcrash intercepted" I am in Latest DashBoard 16547, Latest FSD REV 775, Latest DashLaunch 3.11 I Delleted all other TU and kept the Latest TU 16 for the Game. Even for the Dlc is used the Yaris Swap and Transfer to my XBOX by Horizon. Please Help Me Out Guys...
  8. Hi, I really hope you can help me with this. I just recently installed fsd, downloaded some games from my brother´s hdd to my external hdd, I downloaded some dlc for black ops 2 and ran xm360, unlocked them. But is says No matching title is in the database. And when I try to open the game for more than one player it says fatal crash intercepted. I even reinstalled the game twice and erased my dlc and installed the ones that work for my brother. My brother paid for this to be done so he knows nothing and cannot help me. The only difference I noticed is that I have this 4gb xbox with an external hdd, and his is internal. The thing is I am stuck after this. Maybe I missed some step. Hope someone can help me! I have also placed the Tu on the cache. tnks
  9. Im ready to see who is the best!So, here is ur chance to see who it really is, i saw many great players on LINK and now i want to see who that really is!Here is ur chance to sign up http://challonge.com/ktes961g/participants_newIts a 2 vs 2, rules will be posted as soon as enough Players has sign up, so go a head and show us ur skill!!!
  10. Since I've update Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 TU#12 I'm unable to view or play DLC Maps in game. Can Anyone Help Me. Also If somebody can provide me good source or torrent for Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne & Grand Theft Auto San Andrea for Xbox 360 (Jtagged) #WFQ
  11. Hello, Can someone tell me, why i cant join to a room that are playing Nuketown 2025?. Appear like i dont have the DLC, but I have this DLC, also i can create a game with it for local play. Note: Im playing with tu6 and i have the revolution map pack too (working well). Thanks
  12. hi I had a small problem after installing f3 the problem is every time I try to create black ops 2 network link the device freezes after the countdown ( whether I do it online or offline ) ,, (before installing f3 I could play offline with bots just fine ) the same goes when I join a server the device freezes ,, I've deleted the game and downloaded a new copy downloaded and used the latest TU and link recognize it hope anyone could tell me how to fix it and if I will be able to use link online by the way I can play other games using link just fine except bo2 and sorry 4 my bad English
  13. I am buying nuketown 2025 code for xbox 360. Send me a mssg if u have any for sale
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