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  1. Hi, I updated dashlaunch v 3.12, and then I updated to dashboard16474, but after it rebooted it didn't want to read the external hdd I have. I have a trinity with rgh. A friend lent me his external hdd and with both connected turned on the console and mine got to open, but it took forever to open and run fsd, and when I disconnected his disc I rebooted and mine didn't open again. I am really a newbie at this. What do I have to do now? I tried reinstalling fsd online, but it doesn't even start the installation process. I am not really sure what to do next. Do I have to format my hdd and reinstall fsd? Thanks!!
  2. Hi, I really hope you can help me with this. I just recently installed fsd, downloaded some games from my brother´s hdd to my external hdd, I downloaded some dlc for black ops 2 and ran xm360, unlocked them. But is says No matching title is in the database. And when I try to open the game for more than one player it says fatal crash intercepted. I even reinstalled the game twice and erased my dlc and installed the ones that work for my brother. My brother paid for this to be done so he knows nothing and cannot help me. The only difference I noticed is that I have this 4gb xbox with an external hdd, and his is internal. The thing is I am stuck after this. Maybe I missed some step. Hope someone can help me! I have also placed the Tu on the cache. tnks
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