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  1. yeah i tried installing Aurora a few days ago but something went wrong while installing wich removed the whole content/000000000000000 dir (is now fixed). So i am a bit nervous about installing Aurora again. But i will give it another try if Aurora is really much easier.
  2. Hello everyone, I still have FSD3 on my Xbox 360 but title updates can't be downloaded with FSD3 anymore. I downloaded some title updates manually from xboxunity onto a USB but i don't know where to install them on my xbox 360 or if i first have to unlock them somehow. Can anyone explain me how to do that?
  3. help with content/00000000000000000

    I first tried to remake the 000etc dir inside the content dir, then put some backup dlc in the dir as test hoping it would work again. That didn't work unfortunatelly. I restarted my 360 and apparently my xbox 360 automatically added a new file named: "contentcache.pkg" inside the 0000etc dir that i made. I think this "contentcache.pkg" is the file that runs the whole content thing in the Xbox 360/FSD3. Without the "contentcache.pkg" file all the DLC, XBLA and TU's won't work. The backup DLC from before the restart were also still there in the 000etc dir and i then started up the game with the DLC from the 000etc dir and it worked! Thank you guys for the help
  4. help with content/00000000000000000

    yeah i think i did that. the whole 00000000000000000 dir is gone
  5. Hello everyone, i accidentally deleted my content/00000000000000000 folder from my FSD3 while trying to install Aurora. I did not continue installing Aurora so i'm still stuck with FSD3. All my DLC and XBLA games are in that folder. So is there any way to bring back that 00000000000000000 folder? Thanks for the help, Killigeo