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  1. killigeo

    a second content folder?

    i hoped i could create a content folder for TU and dlc on my fat32 usb3.0 external so i could expand the total of games i have with dlc and tu's instead of throwing stuff away to make space for new stuff
  2. i know you can put updates,dlc and arcade games in the content folder. i was wondering if it's possible to make a second content folder that has the same funtionality as the content folder on the 360 so is it?
  3. killigeo

    farcry 4 custom maps

    Hello everyone, In farcry 4 there is a map editor where you can maps and there is also a map browser that doesn't work. is there also to import maps manually into farcry 4 to play?
  4. killigeo

    What are those?

    i was always told there is never a stupid question when trying to learn.. well today i'm trying to learn, i got a program to extract ISO files but it also got a few other options wich i don't know what they do. can someone explain me what a XGD360 hack is, an applyPPF is and abgx360 is?
  5. Hello everyone, I downloaded some dlc for Batman Arkham origins and I noticed the name wasn't it usual many numbers name but the literal name of the DLC so adding it like that in the dlc dir didn't work. How can this be fixed?
  6. killigeo

    gta V modding

    so there is no way to put a gta 5 mod on our xbox unless you have a modmenu
  7. killigeo

    gta V modding

    Hello everyone, i saw some posts regarding skyrim modding and turning PC mod files into STFS files for Xbox 360 to work is this possible too for GTA V mods? and in what folder do i put them?
  8. Does this also work for GTA V mods and other games? or only for skyrim
  9. killigeo

    GTA V mods

    hello everyone, Does anyone know a good scource for gta v mods for xbox 360?
  10. killigeo


    eh i was just curious. i thought Netiso was going to be service provided by you guys.
  11. killigeo


    But there would defintel be a higher risk of it to be put down because people are for sure going to be using i for pirated copies.. And it happens regularly that servers/websites are being put down because it contains illegal content..
  12. killigeo


    wouldn't that be kinda illegal or grey area? and then that with a connection to this forum.
  13. killigeo

    What is Net ISO?

    Hello everyone, I just installed 0.7b (very well done by the creators) and when i push the Xbox button i see something called "Net ISO"and i was wondering if someone could tell me what it is and what's it for. thanks, Killigeo
  14. Hello everyone, is there a possible way to bypass the server scan that spartacus legends have when you start up the game? i enabled fakelive but that just bypasses the xbox live notification stuff and not the scan for the spartacus servers. And one extra small question: What is sockpatch?
  15. killigeo

    Original Xbox games fullscreen??

    you can't expect from me to know everything there is to know. if you can read then you can clearly see that above my name there is a word that says: freshman,.