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Found 2 results

  1. Hi here I have some Xbox 360 games where I would like to change the cover, I have already made my own models in Photoshop. Where can I drop them in aurora? I'm looking for a tutorial thank you https://i36.servimg.com/u/f36/17/18/99/31/soul_c10.jpg
  2. --------How to convert/port pc Skyrim mods, to work on a jtag/RGH-------- hi to all! i made this small tuto to help people learn a bit more how to port a skyrim pc mod into a skyrim mod playable on xbox360. You need a jtag/RGH to use this!...so dont come here and ask how to play those mods with your flashed drive..flash drive isnt a jtag/RGH!.. i hope my small and simple tuto will help some people into porting mods the correct way! And if there are errors, feel free to let me know, and yes you can make request about mods you want, since i've ported/edited/made lots of mods for Skyrim, and i will soon make my thread to post my ports, and my creations! That being said, lets start!.. - Converting mods - To be able to play pc-skyrim mods, you need to convert/pack the pc mods into a xbox DLC. You can accomplish this step with the program ''leFluffie'', wich have been, for me, the most reliable but there are other programs that does the same job. leFluffie DOWNLOAD: http://skunkiebutt.com/Le%20Fluffie%20App.zip - Convert a mod with leFluffie - 1- open leFluffie and click ''file'', and choose ''package creation'' 2- It will then show a little window ''create type'', choose STFS (should be already active by default..) then click ''ok'' 3- then, the package creation window appear. From there, you will see two sections: Root and File, put your cursor in section to the right (File) then right-click and choose ''add files. 4- now, choose the esp, esm, or bsa you want to compress into a DLC for xbox, and press ''open'' 5- once you've choose your file(s) to convert, you have to fill the info as fallowed (like the picture above): -where its writin NONE, choose MarketPlace -TitleID: 425307E6 -Publisher: you can put your name, its not important but it prooves that you are the one who port it! -Display Title: put the name of the mod (its the name that will appear in-game, in teh menu ''add-ons'' 6- Then go in the tab Finalisation, make sure CON is selected, then click Create Package. Finally, choose a name for the file (with no extension, since its a DLC) and click Save and its done! you can now add your DLC to the folder 00000002 with your other skyrim DLCs. - Textures, Meshes, Scripts folders - Sometime, you will have some separate folders like Meshes, Scripts, Textures. For those, simply copy the folders into you DATA folder, in Skyrim game folder. So those folders will be placed in the same folder then all the BSAs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -IMPORTANT TO REDUCE LAGS - when converting/compiling a mod, you will frequently find BSA archives, wich contains textures, meshes, scripts etc.. and if you want less lags as possible while in-game, you have to resize the textures to 512x512 instead of 1024x1024, with photoshop (and the DDS plugin for photoshop) . You can also use Gimp, but i prefer photoshop. This way it will take way less memory to actualyse every textures in this huge Skyrim world! Another great trick to reduce loading times and some lags, is to uncheck every auto-save features in your settings, while in-game. -[/u][/b][/i]A simple trick with photoshop- One simple trick to avoid unwanted decolorations or pixels into the textures, is to use the SharpenTools ONLY in cracks and deep lines. If you use SharpenTools on plain surfaces, it will cause unwanted decoloration and pixels..and we dont want that!! When aiming for quality, dont hesitate on the amount of time you use on a texture. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Load order- when converting a mod, you will notice different file formats like esm and esp. When making your ''load order'' for DLCs, keep in mind that the xbox will read the esm first, then the esp. And the load is made from bottom to top, so your esm should be at the bottom of the list, and esp at the top. By making the right load order for your mods, you'il be able to reduce loading time, and boost the stability of your gamplay! My Advice: A good way to make your 'load order', is to keep a copy of a folder named ''00000002'' on your destop or wherever, and you add all the mods you want to use/test into that folder..BUT you rename every mods in it to add a number before the name, exemple: 05Claralux And then, when they all have they're numbers, you can delete your old folder ''00000002'' in your xbox, and replace it with the folder in your PC where you keep your ''numbered'' mods. So when you'il transfer the folder (ftp, usb,..) to your xbox, it will automaticly transfer the DLCs in the order you've made by renaming all the mods with numbers, so in your Skyrim menu, in the section ''add-on'' you'il see that all your mods are in the same order you made on the pc! IMPORTANT- Before replacing the folder 00000002 from your xbox, i highly suggest making a clean save (dont know if i can call it like this..anyway..) by going into your game (still with your mods!) and remove any clothes that are mods, get out of any modded houses/places in game, dont be near a modded NPC, and then save. After that you can go replace your mod folder. It will reduce the chances of long loading times and conflicting mods. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Make a ''pack'' of mods- You can compil multiple mods into one DLC, and it will prevent errors like ''corrupted content'' when using more then 30-40 mods. To do so, you do all the steps above as usual, but in step 4, instead of only choosing 1 mod, you choose all the mods you want in your ''pack'', then you click ''open'' and you continue the compil as usual. Thats it! IMPORTANT: to avoid conflicts between mods, i highly suggest to compil ONLY ''esp(s)'' files, and not the mods with BSAs and ESMs. (but it is possible to compil them..) good modding to all! ..you want some ''already made'' mods? or you want to share your mods? visit Skyrim's RealModScene! HERE!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 6,2013: added information about making a ''pack'' of mods.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 9,2013: added a small advice for Photoshop's SharpenTools, and more advices on making your load order.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May11,2013: added information about Meshes, Textures and Scripts folders.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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