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  1. Need to sell this thing fast... hate to do it, but... $250.00 shipped. Best I can do folks.
  2. sold the external HDD. Still selling the console w/ 250GB internal drive, Kinect, and power supplies. $300 shipped.
  3. Looking to sell my Glossy Slim (4GB model) RGH Xbox 360. RGH was done professionaly by xbox-scene.com user socalbill. Works great and is in great condition, I just don't play it anymore. Sale Includes: [*]Glossy 4GB Slim Console, professionally modded with RGH [*]Official 250GB internal HDD [*]500GB External USB/iSCSI drive for backups/homebrew [*]USB cable [*]Kinect Sensor [*]Power supply for console [*]Power supply for Kinect Sensor (unnecessary with this model console, but good for use with older consoles and/or PC) Sale does NOT include controllers. Asking $450 shipped (US only) or best offer.
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