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  1. Good day, Could you please add as per below: Name: Dead Island Game of the Year Edition Type: Xbox 360 TitleID: 4B4D07DF MediaID: 02C977C2
  2. Hello Gentlemen, The reason for this is that I don't have a computer I can work on and the Xbox 360 is my only console. I can access it through FTP on my phone though. I was wondering if you could assist me on modding my vanilla non-TU Skyrim on the Xbox 360. I currently run the .xex version and the game works fine through Aurora. I understand some patching is required with specialized tools to make the .ESP mod files to work on the Xbox as DLCs or something, right? I actually enjoy the vanilla game and there's just one thing that bothers me which are the starting spells. I did some research and there are some simple .ESP mods around that straight up remove them. Can you please help me by converting it for the Xbox 360 if you have the tools? I can provide you with any info that is required from my end for this process. I believe the .ESP I have attached is the good one. Any assistance is appreciated.Cheers NoStartingSpells.esp
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