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  1. How can I make my own animation settings and leave it as default?
  2. If it worked, thank you, I could not publish because of too much work, soon I will finish my skin Thank you I used the google translator
  3. now I can't open files anymore xur help
  4. hello guys I need help to convert xui to xur and after editing return it to xui 2 years ago I did not use xuitool and XuiWorkshop no longer remember how it was done
  5. Could you tell me how you did it please
  6. if you download them from this tutorial, look at the tutorial, do not know if it is some specification of the pc?
  7. because opening the HomeTabSignedIn.xui says xui tool does not respond and freezes? sorry for my english (translator)
  8. I am modifying a skins from the Default.xzp and I would like to know how to change the name and author, e seen where this information is a META file Could someone tell me how I can do it? example:
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