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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, This Script gives you the ability to manage your Console-Temperature directly with Aurora. Script: Icon: Name: Temperature Manager Description: "This script displays and manages your fan speed and target temperatures." What it does: - Displays you the current CPU, GPU, RAM and CASE Temperature in Celcius (°C) - Displays you the current FAN-Speed - The Values are updated every Second (live), without refreshing the Scene - Optional: Sets the Target Temperatures permanently. (requires reboot) - Optional: Sets Fan-Speed temporarily. (lost after reboot) Screens Why did i create this?: Hmm, don't remember. What are the benefits?: - You can watch temperatures live - You can set permanent target Temps (Reboot required) - You can set temporary Fan-Speed (no Reboot required) - You can finally stop for asking Fan-Speed Features Disclaimer Be aware. Even though the given values should be in a safe range, i don't recommend setting anything above 70°C and under 30% Fan-Speed. If your console burns down, i won't help you. Is it final?: It's Version 1.0 Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. Where is the download?: When it's released, with the Aurora Script Repo, you can download it directly to your console. There was a canceled Version: TemperatureManagerCanceledVersion.zip
  2. Hello everyone, I have an xbox 360 slim with ace v3 mod chip and a flashed dvd drive. I've been using it for 3 to 4 years up until now I powered it on only to realize the fan wasn't spinning. Its easy to see and it was working fine up until yesterday and now sometimes the fan will try to spin, do a round and turn off but the xbox itself is working fine. I opened it up, there is dust but no major catastrophe, cleaned it and checked the voltages to see if the problem is in the fan or the xbox. This is where it gets confusing, the fan is running if I power it with a 9v battery using the ground and 12v pin and the xbox is giving it 12 volts as well but it doesn't run when plugged into the xbox. I'm stuck as to where the problem is since the fan runs outside the xbox but not when powered by the xbox. I also can't seem to find if the slim ever had a pattern of cooling where the fan turns off if cooling is not required and I don't remember anything fo the sort either. Please guide I need urgent help. Edit: after some trouble shooting I found that the fan would start running if I set the speed above 40 as a fan override. Below 45 the fan just turns off. Does this mean the fan is at fault or the console?
  3. Hi guys, i recently installed aurora 0.7b, and the issue is that i can't change the fan speeds, keeping the console at 70-80°C, which worries me a lot, since using freestyle i was able to change fan speeds, keeping the console on 50-60°C, can you tell what can i do? Thanks in advance. Edit: I had to press back, go to file explorer, look for something called dashlaunch, once opened, press LB until i saw an option called Target Temperature and set it to 60°C. Save then reboot the console, once done, the fans will keep the console cooler. I used this video as tutorial:
  4. Hi I would like him to add the fan control "freestyle dashboard" or something similar to control the fan speed of my Xbox to my Xbox red lights will not suffer, since quite heated. PS: With freestyle could control the fans, but not Aurora, and I fear that I burn the console becomes very hot because my Xbox is elite. Sorry if any bad word are translated
  5. XBOX Slim Trinity Dashboard : 2.0.16547, latest Xebuild and Dashlaunch (through Jrunner). FSD F3 rev775. Have now encountered this behaviour on 3 Trinity XBOXes (2 at my shop, one at a colleague's). Symptom : after glitching the XBOX (using latest jrunner) and flashing Xebuild nand everything works fine. Can go into Xell and shut it off with power button, no problem. Can get into Xebuild dash (2.0.16547) and all is well as well, can shut it off with power button without problems. Then FSD is put onto the internal HDD. Once rebooted FSD is entered without problems, can play for hours, XBLA, full games, the works. When it's time to shut it off, it doesn't matter if it's done via a push on the actual poweroff button or via the menu, the XBOX will keep its fan going and the green led on the powerbutton will keep pulsing. This will go on forever, even after 45 minutes. I know there is a cooldown period but this is usually around 10-30 seconds. This is not a fluke. It happens EVERY time when the XBOX is turned off (or at least when that is attempted). Only remedy is to tap the power button twice and then keep it pressed until the XBOX turns off (actually a forced shutdown). Apart from this not being a fluke in this particular XBOX, it can be reproduced with every Trinity I get here (or at the colleagues site). Fun fact, when FSD is removed from the HDD the shutdown procedure works as it should. Have tried the following : - reflash with the same updflash.bin (via Xell AND via SPI programmer) : no luck - create clean nand in jrunner to rule out smc config problems, then use that as basis to create new Xebuild version. Flash that to the xbox : no luck - run FSD from USB : no luck Things to be noted : - there were no bad blocks - it never happens with Corona motherboards - I don't recall this happening on dashboards < 2.0.16537 - It's not just me. It's no installation error. Everything works fine as long as FSD is not installed. Hope someone can acknowledge this behaviour and/or even offer a fix for it, because this is extremely annoying.
  6. Bonjour, Je prévois installer un nouveau ventilateur dans ma xbox comme présenté dans ce tutoriel: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=742840 La question que je me posais avant d'installer le ventilateur est: Dans quelle direction est-ce que le ventilateur doit souffler pour être le plus efficace? (tirer l'air à l'extérieur de la xbox ou souffler à l'intérieur) Merci --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I plan to install a new fan in my xbox as shown in this tutorial: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=742840 I just have a question before installing the fan: In which direction does the fan must blow to be most effective? (pull air out of the xbox or push air inside) thank you
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