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Found 8 results

  1. I have 6 xbox 360's 4 Xenon's, 1 Zephyr, and 1 Trinity. I have tried to get the correct information to S-RGH any one of them. There are so many conflicting tutorials, stuff gets outdated, people have refereed me to links that have been non-existent for years, I was told the best one to mod is the trinity. So where can I find a complete guide to mod my slim Trinity thats current and up to date with out broken links ect. I have in my possession two cool runner REV C chips, two Matrix SPI NAND reader/writers and 2 ACE360 V3's. I got plenty of all types of wire, good solder, 3 soldering irons, hot glue gun, heat shrink in different color and sizes, several different windows laptop and desktop computers, a USB 40x digital microscope, flux, heat gun, temp controlled convection oven, tons of extra capacitors, resistors, MOSFET's, transistors, diode's micro switchs, LED's ect. What I do not have is a diagram that shows me where to hook up the MATRIX SPI NAND V1 to what points on my Trinity, then should I use the Coolrunner V3 or the ACE360 V3? ANd where do I solder that in at? Can some one steer me to the info im looking for, I all ready tore out my hair, smashed one xbox 360 (zephyr) got drunk several times, fought with idiots sending me broken links after complaining getting broken links sent to me, wrong info, and a whole bunch of things making me frustrated. It can be done, i can do it, but I need a little help here.
  2. Hi Everone. I have a slim trinity rghed xbox360. I got a corrupt nand and saw a thread explaining how to fix if i don't have the cpu key and the original nand which i do not have actually. I have cr3 lite already installed. All is good except for that i don't know how to install jr programmer v2 which i have ordered now. Do i connect with cr3 lite or solder it and if soldering is the case where to? I have no clue what these things are how they work and i would be just followimg everything step by step what is said in that forum but it doesn't really explain how to setup jr programmer v2. This is the forum I'm talking about: Few couple of things bothering me. 1)My j runner shows an error saying connection error is it because i have window 10 and how to fix it. 2) which dashboard number should i keep i read above 14719 is fine but it wasn't specific on which one to keep . 3) is glitch 2 and rgh 2 the same thing?
  3. hi everyone i have an xbox 360 slim rgh trinity it's been a month since it's doing this when i boot it up the circle stay green the rgh card i have the red light who is always on and the green light blinks every 5 seconds , before this problem it used to blink 3 to 4 times and then the xbox logo apears but now it still blinking i even tried to boot to the rgh card menu by booting from the eject cd botton but nothing , i even renewed the cpu paste but nothing . please help me my friends ..
  4. I've successfully gotten xell to pop up and wrote down the key. Entered the key in JRunner with nandumb1.bin in the source then clicked the xecbuild to create the modded dash and I get a error box that says im missing ini's. Now, to further explain. I'm not connected to the internet. Reason why is because JRunner crashes instantly when the internet turns on. I downloaded the core pack from TX and run as Admin. Sooooo because I have this problem I downloaded the dash 17502 from the internet and extract to the xbuild folder. So now 17502 appears in the add dash drop down box in JRunner. The reason why I'm running 17502 is because my other console I made has it and it runs great for me. I'm very familiar with it and don't like change. I'm kind of kicking myself because I know I should had updated it first. I have successfully put the original dash back and it works great. Tried updating through USB to the newest dash and get a update error. The modchip is installed. But maybe it's a bad update. So I'm gonna try and redownload the newest update tomorrow and see if that works. Dunno if the chip being hooked to the console will be a problem. Whats the deal with the missing ini's? Anybody know a easy fix?
  5. Hello folks I have a Trinity 4GB with an external 320GB USB HDD. It works ok and my setup is pretty standard with F3. I am thinking in investing in one internal 2TB HDD. All the ones I have seen are 5400RPM so I have decided for this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236551 It is not going to fit inside the slim HDD plastic case because it is 15mm tall but I am planing to just mount it without it. My question is: Would an internal 5400 HDD be faster than a external USB one? Thanks.
  6. Hey Guys, Up for sale, Modded Trinity Rev C. Coolrunner installed Includes fsd Dash 775 FakeAnime 500 gig internal Hard disk With Xbox original compatibility Partition, Controller, Power Brick, In Excellent Shape The mod was done by me I included a Video On youtube of it running glitch time normal within 5 to 25 secs. The Entier thing has been gone through including right down to cleaning the laser As I do all work myself... I will stand behind what I sell. Which means If anything is wrong I WILL FIX IT... I do not want a bad name... I fix and Jtag Consoles in my spare time and have been doing this since 2007. I want 225 for it.. All software is installed and ready for you to put whatever you want on it... I accept Paypal I am In Alabama Depending on where it will be shipped is what the final price will be so it would be 225 + shipping. I will ship with a tracking number of course and signiture will be required. Thank you Tony Video of it Running Below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkWU0_LaOM0 Photos of work Done:
  7. XBOX Slim Trinity Dashboard : 2.0.16547, latest Xebuild and Dashlaunch (through Jrunner). FSD F3 rev775. Have now encountered this behaviour on 3 Trinity XBOXes (2 at my shop, one at a colleague's). Symptom : after glitching the XBOX (using latest jrunner) and flashing Xebuild nand everything works fine. Can go into Xell and shut it off with power button, no problem. Can get into Xebuild dash (2.0.16547) and all is well as well, can shut it off with power button without problems. Then FSD is put onto the internal HDD. Once rebooted FSD is entered without problems, can play for hours, XBLA, full games, the works. When it's time to shut it off, it doesn't matter if it's done via a push on the actual poweroff button or via the menu, the XBOX will keep its fan going and the green led on the powerbutton will keep pulsing. This will go on forever, even after 45 minutes. I know there is a cooldown period but this is usually around 10-30 seconds. This is not a fluke. It happens EVERY time when the XBOX is turned off (or at least when that is attempted). Only remedy is to tap the power button twice and then keep it pressed until the XBOX turns off (actually a forced shutdown). Apart from this not being a fluke in this particular XBOX, it can be reproduced with every Trinity I get here (or at the colleagues site). Fun fact, when FSD is removed from the HDD the shutdown procedure works as it should. Have tried the following : - reflash with the same updflash.bin (via Xell AND via SPI programmer) : no luck - create clean nand in jrunner to rule out smc config problems, then use that as basis to create new Xebuild version. Flash that to the xbox : no luck - run FSD from USB : no luck Things to be noted : - there were no bad blocks - it never happens with Corona motherboards - I don't recall this happening on dashboards < 2.0.16537 - It's not just me. It's no installation error. Everything works fine as long as FSD is not installed. Hope someone can acknowledge this behaviour and/or even offer a fix for it, because this is extremely annoying.
  8. i have trinity motherboard rgh 72cpu (while playing game) 69gpu (while playing game) 43chassis (while playing game) 59 (i dont remember the forth) my fan speed is auto in fsd 3 is it normal or i should do something help will be appreciated
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