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  1. Your JRunner pack that you compiled worked PERFECT! I'm amazed how a much time I wasted with a bad download. Thanks for the help! Hope this lil thread helps someone else in the future who ran into the same problem I ran into.
  2. I found it! Thanks again. Im gonna try it out in a few hours. I will report back with the results
  3. I've successfully gotten xell to pop up and wrote down the key. Entered the key in JRunner with nandumb1.bin in the source then clicked the xecbuild to create the modded dash and I get a error box that says im missing ini's. Now, to further explain. I'm not connected to the internet. Reason why is because JRunner crashes instantly when the internet turns on. I downloaded the core pack from TX and run as Admin. Sooooo because I have this problem I downloaded the dash 17502 from the internet and extract to the xbuild folder. So now 17502 appears in the add dash drop down box in JRunner. The reason why I'm running 17502 is because my other console I made has it and it runs great for me. I'm very familiar with it and don't like change. I'm kind of kicking myself because I know I should had updated it first. I have successfully put the original dash back and it works great. Tried updating through USB to the newest dash and get a update error. The modchip is installed. But maybe it's a bad update. So I'm gonna try and redownload the newest update tomorrow and see if that works. Dunno if the chip being hooked to the console will be a problem. Whats the deal with the missing ini's? Anybody know a easy fix?
  4. I can't figure this one out at all. I successfully did so with black ops 1 and 2. But AW will not work for me. All CP files are installed and not corrupt. All map packs and newest TU. Xm360 unlocked
  5. thank you all soooooooo much!!!! SUCCESS!!!!! I feeeeel soooooooo dumb overlooking that yellow wire 100 times (was on the 5th point down, not the 4th like I was suppose to be). I know if I had provided you all better pictures that you would caught it instantly and saved me crazy hours playing with dip switches. I blame myself, such a nooooob! I figured it out when I started trimming down the wires and got rid of the qsb. In the end it was all worth it, now it looks PRETTYYYYY. Got freestyle dash up and running and I feel like a KING!!! I can't thank y'all enough, especially you SWIZZY! I DID IT!
  6. Wow I had no clue it could possibly take so long with a cr4xl. Ima check that blue wire again. Thanks bud
  7. I would wait up to 5 minutes. After growing impatient after a few hours of changing settings and trying different wire lengths and alternate post, I just started waiting a minute to 2 minutes between different dip switch and post bit. Still no luck. For the CPU_rest blue cable I tried ft4r2 then tried c5r11 furthest from yelllow. I used the regular black ground. From grnd point to avport. I also have a double shielded CPU_rst cable. But DAMN that thing is girthy. I worry my board will be sticking up. Then when I screw everything down, I worry I will warp the board (also hard to find a pic of a full install on a Trinity using the double shielded pro). So I said EF it and used the regular wires. I spent all night uploading pictures Dunno where they are at. Gonna try again. Gonna take awhile. Super slow signal Thinking I should remove the qsb and do a direct wire Pictures up Wish I could upload a video I put back the original nand. And the console boots fine with the dip switches off. Got a few bad blocks that was remapped. Think I should get rid of the qsb and do a direct solder?
  8. So I bought a Trinity with dash 17489. I installed the qsb and cr4xl and read the nand 4 times. Copied em and put in a different folder. Selected glitch2 then cr4x, created ecc then loaded ecc in the source. Then write. Disconnected j-runner v2 programmer. The console boots fine. Solid green light on front. Cr4xl has a green light that is solid but flashes of every 4 to 6 seconds. When it flashes off it sounds like the fan is winding down for a split second. After playing with dip switches for HOURS! and slim to phat switch. And the post bit setting from default to 10ohm to 100ohms. Still no luck. Exact results So I took the original nand and wrote it back to the console and the console boots up fine. Tried again to create a new ecc after dumping again and the comparison is the same. Wrote it to the console. And I get the same results. Resoldered my points and cleaned with 99% alcohol and still no flipping luck. Any ideas? O yea, btw my cpu is connected to the Internet and I did add the dash 17489 and let everything fully download. Trying to get xell to boot so i can retrieve the cpu key. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I would greatly appreciate your help!!!!!!!
  9. Thank you guys so much. Soooo greatful. It's always been a dream of mine to know how to solder and fix and mod electronic s. I also dream of learning how to do computer programming to design games and animate. I've only taken basic computer programing loooooong ago. But anyway, one step at a time. Thanks again guys. Ima be a ninja one day tooooooo BTW my soldering work has gotten PRETTYYYYY. don't buy cheap soldering irons on eBay. Lesson learned On my next post below " did I destroy my board. Got a new question. Btw i got solder to hold on those points I was having trouble with on that post
  10. Weird. So in one tutorial. It tells me the blue wire should run to post ft4r2. But on sins HD ultimate tuturiol for trinity it says "The blue wire (CPU_RST) goes to C5R11 for optimum results". So confused
  11. I've been looking everywhere for an answer on the scene. I only find ppl updating their already jtagged console. I do know dashlaunch now supports this newest dash. But didn't know if I could glitch this console. It's a trinity, never opened. I have a cr4xl and cool runner Rev d. Thanks for your time The other trinity I'm working on has dash 17349. Cr4xl. Still working on getting cell to boot. No luck yet, but plenty of tutorials . Thank you all and I will keep ya updated
  12. Understood. Think it's possible to use a corona postfix adapter qsb and would I have to solder any points on that qsb as if I was anchoring down the qsb? Or just solder the post near the point that slides under the chip and wala!? Or is that just silly?
  13. Found the alternate post for c. Thanks a ton for the direction
  14. Hi, I have a Jasper trinity 16mb XBOX 360 s.Dumped the nand successfully. Flipped over tho board and went to solder the yellow wire (point c in diagram) and had a terrible time. The point disappeared on me. It's just a black spot now. I tried cleaning with alcohol and used plenty flux and just can't get any solder to grab the point that was once there. Is there an alternative point I can use?
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