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  1. Ok, the plot thickens. Had another Trinity to do today. Fully expecting it to do the same thing I turned the XBOX off while in FSD... and it just turned off As per your suggestion I checked the background downloads setting.. and it was enabled. So.. that's not it. And more so, it doesn't happen to ALL Trinities , which does not help the troubleshooting.
  2. XBOX Slim Trinity Dashboard : 2.0.16547, latest Xebuild and Dashlaunch (through Jrunner). FSD F3 rev775. Have now encountered this behaviour on 3 Trinity XBOXes (2 at my shop, one at a colleague's). Symptom : after glitching the XBOX (using latest jrunner) and flashing Xebuild nand everything works fine. Can go into Xell and shut it off with power button, no problem. Can get into Xebuild dash (2.0.16547) and all is well as well, can shut it off with power button without problems. Then FSD is put onto the internal HDD. Once rebooted FSD is entered without problems, can play for hours, XBLA, full games, the works. When it's time to shut it off, it doesn't matter if it's done via a push on the actual poweroff button or via the menu, the XBOX will keep its fan going and the green led on the powerbutton will keep pulsing. This will go on forever, even after 45 minutes. I know there is a cooldown period but this is usually around 10-30 seconds. This is not a fluke. It happens EVERY time when the XBOX is turned off (or at least when that is attempted). Only remedy is to tap the power button twice and then keep it pressed until the XBOX turns off (actually a forced shutdown). Apart from this not being a fluke in this particular XBOX, it can be reproduced with every Trinity I get here (or at the colleagues site). Fun fact, when FSD is removed from the HDD the shutdown procedure works as it should. Have tried the following : - reflash with the same updflash.bin (via Xell AND via SPI programmer) : no luck - create clean nand in jrunner to rule out smc config problems, then use that as basis to create new Xebuild version. Flash that to the xbox : no luck - run FSD from USB : no luck Things to be noted : - there were no bad blocks - it never happens with Corona motherboards - I don't recall this happening on dashboards < 2.0.16537 - It's not just me. It's no installation error. Everything works fine as long as FSD is not installed. Hope someone can acknowledge this behaviour and/or even offer a fix for it, because this is extremely annoying.
  3. More or less the same issue here : http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/907-corona-v2-fsd3-is-creating-duplicate-content-game-paths/ Is there a chance one of the devs could take a look at this ? Let me know if there is anything I can do to help !
  4. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone You could have a point actually, the 500gb harddrive is a fairly old one. And yes, it takes a while for the XBOX to continue loading after the initial XBOX Logo, but I always see this behaviour when using external storage devices, so I didn't think much of it. Isn't content.db in the fsd folder or is it in the root of the device ? (I didn't check yet..). If it's in the fsd folder then the workaround doesn't really work, since I deleted/renamed the fsd folder multiple times while testing and it still f*d up the gamepaths. It's too bad actually, something in FSD3 broke the old working behaviour, since it was no problem in FSD 2.2.
  5. Good evening, I want to report a bug which I've seen with 2 Corona V2 (so 4GB, no 16mb nand) RGH I've done this week. I installed freeboot 2.0.16202 on it. Nothing special. Since FSD cannot boot directly from the OnboardMU on this console type, I used an USB fat32 formatted 500gb harddrive. launch.ini and fsd folder in the root of the harddrive, turn on the harddrive, turn on the xbox and it glitches and starts FSD3. Note that I have a folder XBOX360/games on the root of the USB harddrive. In that directory are a few games. I then go to the appropriate section in FSD to add USB0:\XBOX360\games to the game paths, select XBOX360 as type and press X to save it. And then it happens : not only is USB0:\XBOX360\games added to my game paths, but also SysExt:\XBOX360\games AND OnboardMU:\XBOX360\games. Thinking, ah.. bug.. never mind. I let the XBOX find the covers (which it does). When I then go to the games part to see if the covers were downloaded correctly I see the two games that are on my HDD. But.. in the details it says 'OnboardMU : <hexcode i forgot>'. Trying to start the game will fail, because OnboardMU of course doesn't have the game. Same applies to the other game. When I go back to the game path settings and remove the OnboardMU: reference, all three references are deleted ! Exact same procedure on a Trinity and a Falcon this week and not a single problem, so it would seem this is a 4GB nand console problem with FSD3 ? I don't know if this was already known, but here you go I tried the latest release of FSD3 as well as an older one (september 2012). I have now put the latest FSD 2.2 on this Corona V2 and that works a charm. If you need more info or want me to test something, shout. I've done resets, cleans and delete the FSD folder altogether but nothing helped.
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