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  1. Félicitation, très belle bannière!! Congratulations!!!
  2. Thanks for the advise. I will take a look for a new cooler immediatly.
  3. With my new fan, my gpu never heat over 57 oC (135 oF). Is it necessary to change my gpu heatsink?
  4. Thanks for the advise. I will try it (push cool air in the xbox) and see the temperatures in FSD3. Here is the almost final version. (I don't have the fan grill yet...) https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Not professionnal a job, but perfect for me
  5. Bonjour, Je prévois installer un nouveau ventilateur dans ma xbox comme présenté dans ce tutoriel: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=742840 La question que je me posais avant d'installer le ventilateur est: Dans quelle direction est-ce que le ventilateur doit souffler pour être le plus efficace? (tirer l'air à l'extérieur de la xbox ou souffler à l'intérieur) Merci --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I plan to install a new fan in my xbox as shown in this tutorial: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=742840 I just have a question before installing the fan: In which direction does the fan must blow to be most effective? (pull air out of the xbox or push air inside) thank you
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