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  1. I'm sorry for communicating poorly, I'm using the translator. It's a little bit of everything, lag in the cutscenes, especially in the dialogues. An example in mortal kombat when the character appears and makes his speech usually it is repeated you know? Duplicate. Yesterday I did a test, installed everything again and put 2 games, Call of duty MW3 which was normally and Watch Dogs that in the main menu gave some lags. I tested it with Assasins creed IV and always when I pressed start or opened the map it took a while to load, and the map also loaded and unloaded depending on where I moved it. About plugins I didn't put anything, just the normal aurora, the way I downloaded it, and installed the dashlaunch to control the temperature. I believe it is when I put on a heavier game, 2 discs etc, that's what happens.
  2. Guys, I'm not finding anywhere to fix this ... I recently bought an Xbox and put the aurora and I'm putting the games on the External HDD but some of them hang in the cutscene and sometimes in the gameplay, how can I fix this?
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