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  1. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    OK gav, I will. Sorry for bothering you with the pointless questions, it's just that I'm not too hardware-savvy when it comes to console internals. Thanks!
  2. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    What do you mean "banned? XBOX Live?
  3. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    Just found out from the guy who sold me the XBOX 360 that the XBOX 360 was flashed into a spoof drive. I don't know why he told me this, but I thought I should pass that information to the discussion. Now, would that information be important if I just use my retail discs to rip to a connected drive (e.g. USB, HDD)? Remember, I don't want to pirate; I want to backup my retail games. Thank you.
  4. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    So the only alternative around this is to download pre-done JTAG/RGH rips of retail games I already own.
  5. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    Keeping what you just said in mind, should I anticipate problems with FSD copying DVD games to the USB hard drive with an unflashed disc drive? That was what I meant, not directly making a copy of a raw XBOX 360 retail disc into an ISO image to the hard drive. I am sorry for not being clear.
  6. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    Aren't some DVD games copy-protected against the act of copying games? Just wondering.
  7. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    So whatever the Dashboard, would you compare the feature with rocket science?
  8. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    I hope that this discussion is welcomed. Before deciding to get my XBOX360 RGHed, I never found out that I can get my 360 original discs extracted to the internal/USB hard drive. My question is: how versatile is the DVD extraction function on FSD/Aurora? Are there any original disc games that are too "stubborn" to extract to the hard drive and work as per the latest Dashboards available? The priority of this question is not of essence; I am merely curious.
  9. Default Requirement for Adding Game Covers

    Well, the main purpose of me using a network connection is to get game covers, so I guess I'll listen to you . Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. Default Requirement for Adding Game Covers

    Thank you, I believe that answer my question. Kind regards. EDIT: I believe I still have one more Ethernet slot on my wireless router; I'll use it. EDIT: Just one question: do you, felida, use only wired? I hope it's not too "none of my business" to ask.
  11. Default Requirement for Adding Game Covers

    OK, perhaps I didn't address my question clearly. I know I need an Internet connection to download things. What I want to know is if I need to make preparations to ready my XBOX 360 to my network if one of my PCs was to connect to the FSD Web UI on my 360. For instance, should I invest in a wireless adapter for my 360 as my router is wireless and with four Ethernet connections? Happy Thanksgiving Day to all Canadians by the way.
  12. Without an Internet/wireless network connection, does FSD automatically add game covers for XBOX360 once the RGH/JTAG versions of the games are added to the USB hard drive and recognised? Or do I need to use a connection to connect to the Internet to do it?