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  1. I recently put Final Fantasy on my USB stick and it shows as three separate menu items on the Aurora Dash. Here's what I did do: 1. Put each disc entry in three different directories in the same upper directory, like so: Final Fantasy XIII - Disc 1 - Disc 2 - Disc 3 2. Turn on autoswap in Dashlaunch. 3. Turn on NOvA Plugin. I am at a loss of what to do.
  2. My XBOX 360 HDD does not have much space left, so I want to know if I can play multi-disc games on a USB stick exclusively. Is it?
  3. What do you mean "different media?" Aren't discs 1 and 2 "different media?"
  4. To turn off fan override, which colour should the checkbox be?
  5. OK, got around working my lazy ass and found the courage to adjust the target temperatures of my Falcon 360 to all 60C to 65C. As per felida's advice, I put the CPU fan on auto. Are these settings appropriate for Falcon XBOX 360 phat units? If not, how should they be? I'm still a little nervous about these settings, and I think I'll faint if I open up the XBOX 360 to put thermal paste on the CPU, especially when I don't know what I'm doing. Sorry for the new post, by the way.
  6. Hi, ianboy1987.

    About your response prompting recommendations for target temperature, you put six numbers. Just so I know, why six numbers?

    1. ianboy1987


      I edit my temps via SMC config editor. Its just how its displayed 


  7. Recently, when I fire up XEXMenu 1.1, it quickly exits when I don't have a USB thumb drive plugged in. What can I do? When I do have a thumb drive inside, then it doesn't do that. What to do?
  8. Example: I am installing (or am trying to) Street Fighter X Tekken title updates. How would I know that it registers in Aurora Dash or whatever forces are at work in the XBOX 360 system? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, I'm a little new at this. One thing I did see though was a list of updates ranging from versions one to eight. However, I only downloaded the latest update. Again, how do I know that my RGHed XBOX 360 took care of it?
  9. I've yet to install TUs and DLCs in Aurora, but I will try pretty soon. I have a couple of questions. They are as follows: Do I necessarily need to put them in the internal hard drive? People said I have to. If I put the updates/DLC in the content folder, do I still to instruct Aurora where to look or is it automatic? These are the questions so far, thank you for answering in advance. If there is a link that explains this stuff, please feel free to show it.
  10. Thanks, I'll try the "Original Falcon" parameters and then report back. Thanks to felida for the final answer. Thanks to all. EDIT: You know what, ianboy1987? I'll try your personal settings; those parameters are what most people recommend. Thanks go to the same people though.
  11. I'm sorry, but how do you set fan speed to auto? By turning off the checkbox?
  12. Well, the target temps are the same, but I put CPU Fan Speed to full blast (i.e. 100%) because of a guy from a Youtube how-to video told me to (no, I'm not hearing voices). Other than that, the target temps are around 60C. Thanks! EDIT: Your settings are friendly with Phat Falcon models, are they?
  13. I just bought a new RGHed XBOX360 from a friend and when I touched the back of the XBOX360, it was hot. Then someone told me that I need to set the temperatures of certain parts in the XBOX 360 (i.e. CPU, GPU, and RAM) and fan movement (i.e. CPU Fan Override) as well. My new XBOX 360 is a Phat Falcon model and that's all I know. I know how to get to Dashlaunch by reading up, but I don't know what values would suit my XBOX 360 from burning up. Please help or direct me to a link where I can read about this, most specifically a Phat Falcon XBOX360. Thank you.
  14. OK gav, I will. Sorry for bothering you with the pointless questions, it's just that I'm not too hardware-savvy when it comes to console internals. Thanks!
  15. What do you mean "banned? XBOX Live?
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