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  1. My 360 hdd was messing up with terrible load times so I copied everything from it to my computer using FTP, formatted it and copied everything back. The only thing that's not working are my original Xbox saves. I have the TDATA and UDATA folders and tried adding them to hddx/compatibility/xbox1 but they still don't show up.
  2. After more testing -5849 dcosn't guarantee anything -most games will go widescreen with Halo 2, -a few will freeze or mess up if you try to make them widescreen even if you use Halo 2 -most games will not go widescreen without Halo 2 title id, some will a good one is also Half Life 2, but more are compatible with Halo 2 -if you're using Aurora and are using multiple games with Halo 2, add them to Aurora first and add the correct cover, then hex edit the title id to Halo 2 -You will have mujltiple saves under Halo 2 if you use Halo 2 a lot, but you usually can get away with it. But if you try to load the wrong game it will be corrupt Overall it's kind of a pain in the arse, but it's the only way to get games widescreen. Does anyone know where original Xbox games saves are located on an RGH 360? I can't find them I would like to try to edit them as well. I can only find 360 saves.
  3. Is there any way of remapping buttons? I want to play PS1 racing games with my steering wheel, but I would need to remap accelerate to R2/L2 for my gas/brake pedal.
  4. I'm in the early stages of testing this, but it seems any game with the XDK of 5849 (like Halo 2) should work for widescreen. Getting the two games to work that didn't work before I give up on (ToeJam III and Tao Feng) tried many different xbes and nothing works but this works well for widescreen which is good too. I learned the hard way not to keep using the same Halo 2 title ID because you will get corrupted saves and Aurora will try to download the Halo 2 cover for each game lol.
  5. I've been trying to get games widescreen, and finally figured out how to hex edit correctly with Halo 2. But Halo 1 didn't work, I can't have 30 games with Halo 2 title id I don't think lol. That would be a save mess.
  6. I tried a format and it seems to be running better, but that's before I transfer the files hopefully there's not corrupt files. I forgot that this hard drive was purchased off Ebay by someone who replaced a 20 gb hdd shell with a 250 gb hard drive, so it's not Microsoft's hard drive it's just the shell of their hard drive. Hopefully it runs ok now, if not I got all my files backed up (took all night) and I'll just buy another.
  7. I figured out I'm pretty sure it's the internal hard drive because I loaded a different hard drive on the console and it loads perfectly fine. It's over 200 gb and is filled with games, custom covers I made etc... what's the best way to "reset" it I guess. Can I copy everything to my computer, format the hard drive, and copy everything back? Or clear cache or what?
  8. Really trying to make certain games fullscreen such as Need for Speed Underground 1 and 2, Jet Set Radio Future, Morrowind, Psychonauts, Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2. I've tried hex editing using info from this site http://ps2wide.net/xbox.html but it doesn't change anything. I read someone say it does change to fullscreen on original Xbox but not 360? Anyone know of a way or is it impossible? My 360 is set to 1080p and 16:9, but it doesn't seem to matter while about the other 50% of original Xbox games are fullscreen. I'm aware that some games are not made to be widescreen, just seeing if it's possible to make them widescreen.
  9. Oh wow didn't know that. So I need to start fresh and reinstall it and add all paths and covers?
  10. I got a 2nd 360 RGH'd (both are Jaspers) and I moved the hard drive over from the 1st one, but when I do that I have problems with loading Aurora when I first load it, it shows covers for things like xefu that I've hidden and duplicate covers of games that I might have moved say from usb0 to usb1 it shows both. Usually after a few minutes it will correct itself and show the right covers. This doesn't happen every single time I boot maybe 50% of the time. Same hard drive does not have this problem on the other RGH'd 360.
  11. I thought with cooler temps it wasn't going to freeze/turn off anymore, but just now i was transferring some files through FSD and it just shut off. No RROD ever, just turns right backa on but still concerning. It's a Jasper so I don't think it RROD, so why it is messing up?
  12. This is a Jasper that i just had RGH'd. I have another Jasper that never gives me any problems the problem with it is no HDMI (it HAD HDMI but it was knocked out by lightning) and whoever RGH'd it made it 2 minute loading. So I had this other Jasper sitting in my closet for years that I had bought at a pawn shop and decided to get it RGH'd, but I've had nothing but problems with it. It was freezing like crazy I think I can attritube that to the heat I sat a box fan behind my stand and TV and seems to not freeze. However it seems to have loading issues. Like when I load Aurora, I have 375 games. But it loads 417 it loads games that I've deleted and covers that I've deleted and shows some duplicates of games already listed. Then like after several minutes later it updates to the correct games like it just took it a really long time to load it correctly. Since I have all my games setup like I want on the other one I just plugged in the hard drive from it so it has my user and all my covers and saves etc... but it causes these issues. I haven't noticed these issues with the hard drive that was already attached to it, and what's even more weird is like I mentioned before the hard drive I'm trying to attach to it works perfect in the other one that has no HDMI/long loading times. So I'm just kind of stumped and seeing if I could get any advice.
  13. Looking to play via LINK. I mostly want to play Capture the flag but will play whatever. To me nothing beats Unreal but nobody wants to play it anymore they just play Halo and COD. Nothing wrong with those games, but to me Unreal is the best multiplayer game ever.
  14. Got 2 discs installed disc 1 content folder to here HDD:\content\0000000000000000\545408A7\00000002\545408A700000000 HDD:\content\0000000000000000\545408A7\00000002\545408A700000001 HDD:\content\0000000000000000\545408A7\00000002\545408A700000002 HDD:\content\0000000000000000\545408A7\00000002\545408A700000003 Installed latest update, still get black screen. Disc 2 is on my external so they're not on the same source.
  15. Would anyone be interested in starting to play Unreal Tournament 3? I love Unreal, and it's impossible to play it on any console now I think other than possibly legit XBL. I'm not really a PC gamer I don't like using a mouse and keyboard to play. On XboxUnity.net I always see people on Halo Reach and a few others but never anybody on UT3.
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