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  1. I don't see how I can make it more clear unless you just don't use Aurora. You hit X and a list of your games come up that you can scroll down as oppose to scrolling left and right through your game covers and they have an icon. Anyway I figure it out I didn't realize the icons were on Xboxunity next to the name of the game you just download them then use Aurora Asset Editor and apply them under the icon tab, then transfer them to the same folder as covers.
  2. Just as the topic says is there a way to update missing icons when you hit x? Some of mine just show an X. I know how to update covers manually but not icons. My Xbox 360 is offline because it's a Jasper so I'm hoping for a way to do it manually. If online is the only way though I could connect it to my laptop with an ethernet cable. Would it be updated as far as missing assets? Also are there just some that don't have an icon that's also why I'd prefer to do it manually I'd be willing to even find the icon myself and add it. thanks
  3. You can play HOTD 3 on PC with that EMS Top Gun 3. If you have a laptop or computer with HDMI support.
  4. Unless there's some mod/hack I'm unaware of there is no way to use lightguns that work on the original Xbox on the Xbox 360. I have an EMS Top Gun 3 it works with original Xbox (and other systems and PC) not 360. House of the Dead 3 is on PC as well.
  5. I didn't say it would. I was just trying it, but I was doing it wrong at first but it still didn't work when I did it correctly. I don't see what's wrong with trying? I never once said this would work and don't understand laughing for someone simply trying something when someone gave a viable option that it possibly could have worked. Do you not ever try anything in life?
  6. Just tried ToeJam again with Blinx (made sure it was backwards compatible) 4D530013 put in 310035D4 and same thing black screen. I'll try a few more but don't have much hope. Edit: just realized I was doing it wrong you said two letters backwards I missed that part. Will try again. Edit #2: still didn't work either game. Pretty sure I did it right this time.
  7. Both was Halo 1 because I was still downloading Tao Feng and I did the title id swap with ToeJam and tried it and it black screened so I deleted it then tried it with Tao Feng and it reboots to Xbox 360. Same things they did before I swapped the title id. I put it in backwards though like your tutorial said on line 180 on the hex editor didn't help. Should I try another game for them? If you get it working let me know ToeJam is the one I want to work more I'm only keeping my original Xbox for these two games but I've got no space on my tv to leave it hooked up.
  8. Neither worked but thanks anyway.
  9. So can I attempt this with any game that doesn't work by replacing the title id with any game that does work? I want to try to get Tao Feng and ToeJam & Earl III to work they currently don't. So could I try just any compatible Xbox game?
  10. No kids, it's just me. There's even games I hadn't finished even one that I was at the last boss. I would never delete such a game. Although I did transfer games from a 500 gb hdd to a 1 tb hdd. But even if somehow they didn't transfer over Aurora usually shows a shadow or history of the cover of the game but these games had none. I probably won't figure out what happen to them, but I already re-downloaded the games and I'll just hope it doesn't happen again. I'm going to check my hdds for fragments/errors.
  11. I wasn't sure if this was in Aurora in the latest update (didn't see it) but I would request being able to export your list of games to a document to keep on your computer. I had some games go missing and didn't realize it because I have over 300 games on my RGH and I would like to be able to keep up with them. thanks
  12. I'm not sure how to explain this, but I swear around 10-15 of my Xbox 360 games have just disappeared. Aurora didn't even have a shadow of the cover of the games. But I am 100% sure I never deleted them myself. There's even saves, dlc, title updates of the games just not the games themselves. I searched through my hard drives (internal and external) and there's no trace of them. Also around 10 of my arcade games went corrupt. I know that probably points to the hard drive but other games are working fine. I'm more concerned about the missing Xbox 360 games, I've already re-downloaded them but I don't want it to happen again. I've got over 300 games total and it's just hard to keep up with them, especially if they're just going to go missing for no reason. If it was just like one or two games I'd say ok maybe I accidently deleted them without realizing it, but not this many.
  13. Did that, still didn't work. I noticed it shows as an update but says corrupted when I look on my actual 360 hard drive. (not sure if that's important or not). So I downloaded another update from a different source (although it looked identical same letters and numbers, only ones I can find) and it did the same thing. Already tried the European (Ultimate Box) and USA versions of the game I think that's all there is.
  14. Since title updates are on unity and it's not illegal can I ask for a link to title update? I googled but can't find it. Title id 45410806 Media ID 7CCD18F1 Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Yeah I guess it's the wrong media id I did that and still won't work. I'll look for a different version. thanks
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