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  1. I solved it, for anyone who might ever be looking to do the same I used Horizon to resign and rehash the profile, then I was able to copy it to the other 360 (if you don't use Horizon the profile will show as corrupt) and then the saves work. Had to use a new version of Horizon as an old one always said offline and couldn't find my external hard drive that had my profile.
  2. Both are RGH. I have the same account on both and want to have the same saves that way I can have one upstairs one downstairs and play them as I please and when I make progress on one copy it to the other I do this on PS4 as well, but I tried ftping them to the correct location hdd1 > content > 0000000000000000 > my id and it has my username in parenthesis, and the saves seem to show up on the hard drive when I check but they don't work in game. What am I missing? The reason I thought this would work is I somehow lost some of my saves on the main 360 I had been using that have all the saves but I had them backed up to my external hard drive, and was able to copy them to that same location and they worked. Is it because it's different hard drives/Xbox's? AFAIK a transfer cable will take the saves off the original one so that doesn't work.
  3. I am on 0.7b r1622 which should be latest and when I hit start for settings I have the following tabs Assets Profile Content Modules Language Security About I'm thinking there should be a Unity tab because I'm trying to send an update from xboxunity.net to Aurora and I read you need to activate Unity in Aurora but there is nothing that says Unity in Settings.
  4. As topic says I want to backup my saves, in case something ever happened to my 360 specifically the hard drive. Would I be able to use them on another xbox 360 or same xbox 360 with different hdd? Would it be the same to just transfer them using the main system settings or through ftp?
  5. Would there be any hex edit I could do to change resolution of a game? I have all the main Tony Hawks on my 360 both Xbox and Xbox 360, but Tony Hawk 3 requires 480p to work. It's just a pain in the ass to leave Aurora go to main Xbox 360 settings and change the settings each time I want to play it. So I was hoping it could be made to work in other resolutions. Maybe title id swap or something else.
  6. I really enjoy the fact that you can make the games widescreen but the problem is most games require Halo 2 and what happens is since it uses the same title id every game that you use with the same title id has the same saves and they show corrupted when loading a different game and eventually it becomes messy with the saves. I had some luck with Half Life 2 also, but most other ones I try don't work. Edit: This will only apply to those with a gaming pc but xbox emulation is getting somewhat better. The two games I wanted FOREVER to work on my rgh at least work on xemu Tao Feng Fist of the Lotus and ToeJam & Earl III. I also play Jet Set Radio Future on PC because it's not fullscreen on 360 and it seems to bug out when I try to change title ids on it. Here is the xemu compatibility list maybe 30% compatibility but they're working on it all the time I think. https://xemu.app/
  7. I don't remember the original Xbox having any multidisc games.
  8. Also scanning takes forever it used to find a game within a few minutes now it's like 15-20 minutes.
  9. I never had this problem before But now it is like a constant thing but only if I'm scanning. It freezes a lot and I have to turn off the 360 and turn it back on. I recently changed external hard drives but I am not sure if it's related to that or not. I have a Jasper original model 360.
  10. I have a 360 RGH that is the old model with no internet but I bought a wireless adapter. Everytime I check Nova I get system link ping patch failed.
  11. Well I've spent the last two days transferring to the 2 Tb due to the 500 gb having corrupt files it was difficult. Anyway, when I plug in the new hard drive it shows blacked out games from the previous hard drives. How do I reset Aurora where I can remove these?
  12. I currently have a 1 TB external and a 500 GB external, but I want to change to where all my games are on a 2 TB external. I remember though when I've changed externals in the past I lost all my games on Aurora and I worked hard to make some of the covers for certain games and I don't want to lose them. Is there any way to change externals without Aurora making me reenter the paths?
  13. I have Unreal Championship on my RGH it works. Bloody Roar Extreme works but runs slow. There's a lot of Xbox games that don't work on 360, hundreds of them.
  14. I can't figure out why but my 360 is turning off while I'm transfering files using the Samba server. It hasn't happened once or twice it's been like 6 times today only, and several times yesterday. It works fine when not doing this (I use Aurora though normally) Does anyone know why? I have a phat 360 Jasper on latest firmware. Nevermind I think I know why. Set the fan to auto and I can hear the fan so I think that will hopefully solve the issue. It's hot where I am.
  15. Yep I saw that the other day too. Going to dig into it see what happens and will report back. The thing is I only need TWO original Xbox games that don't work to work because every other original Xbox game I want to work already works, so my tests will be limited to those two games. I don't know how to uncompress an xex and don't know why you'd use an xex when original Xbox uses xbe, so maybe someone can fill me in.
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