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  1. Really liked this one the best Just wondering if you could possibly make another exactly the same as this but instead with the picture of Ellie holding the gun like in the other one you did? Also how do you get the covers down the bottom of the screen because after I put this on the covers were right in the middle of the screen and covered up most of Ellie altogether
  2. Thanks for the reply but it turns out I was just having a blond moment lol. I forgot to add that first my 360 was connected to a HDMI Switch (the very same one it was connected to prior to getting modded though I should add and strangely I never had an issue) and then from there to my PC. Just out of curiosity I switched over to another HDMI Switch I had and suddenly it now works fine... probably should have tried that first huh? *facepalm*
  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m new here and also to modding in general. Just got my 360 modded for the first time ever recently and after watching alot of youtube tutorials I finally got everything set up. Just curious though… like on my PS4 I have the Aquarium dynamic theme installed where the homescreen has fish and sharks etc. swim by… can you get something similar for Aurora (like moving cool-looking backgrounds) ? Also anyone know if there’s a way to just have the exact number of games installed appear instead of an endless loop as I actually have diagnosed OCD and for normal people it’s no big deal, but for an OCD’er it’s literally like the Armageddon when things aren’t exactly even
  4. Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong place but I'm new here. Ok... I recently got my 360 modded for the first time ever and after I got it back I had it connected to a normal monitor via HDMI and there was no issues at all. After watching a heap of youtube tutorials I finally figured out how to install all the software and my games etc. and now have it set up just how I want it. Only one problem though... after I did all that I then went to plug my 360 into my Elgato HD60 Pro capture card (which I always had it plugged into before, along with my PS4, and never had any issues at all) however now it won't work because (as you can see in the screenshot) it now has HDCP on it. I thought 360's didn't even have HDCP... but since being modded mine now does for some reason. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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