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  1. Leave it as unallocated (if not listed in the video game, format in FAT32), place it in the video game and enter in "System Configuration" >> "Storage" >> go down to the "Device" and click Y. And follow what you ask for. If you don't do it automatically.
  2. OK no problem. The important thing was that it worked.
  3. Yes leave it as it came from the factory and put it on the xbox and format it
  4. The HDD has to be formatted on the Xbox. Leave this HD as unallocated and insert it in the Video game, then in the original dash format it, have the number in hand Video Game standard because it is necessary. If you don't leave the logo screen, your HD is likely to have a problem.
  5. There is no need to have all the TUs. The last one (80) always includes all files or modifications of the previous ones. But if you really want to waste time, do your search on Youtube.
  6. Download here on the site and install manually. Boot a pendrive version to delete the one on your system and copy the new one to it.
  7. Search in Guzbust GB channel in Youtube
  8. https://digiex.net/threads/xexmenu-1-1-download-xex-menu-iso-live-and-xex-file-manager-for-xbox-360.11096/
  9. https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/forum/14-dashlaunch/
  10. Go to the game you want TU, click Y then in the menu that appears choose the second option press A to open and then immediately press RB. If there is an update for your game the options will appear, then just download. Now, if neda does not appear, it is because there is no Xbox Unity (you will have to search the net) or there is no TU at all.
  11. Have you tried with manual updating? Click Y then go down to the penultimate option and click the digital (directional) button twice to the left and the update option appears click A and wait.
  12. I suggest installing Aurora dash as she does the rest. You don't have to waste time on that. Freestyle lost support can no longer download Arts, Banner, or TUs
  13. If you are trying to transfer it via it via the Xex Menu itself, it will not work. You have to have it exclusively for transfer. You cannot copy what is in use
  14. Os comentários aqui só são permitidos em inglês mas vamos lá se não deletarem antes que veja entre no seu USB externo ou HDD1 onde está a Aurora e delete a a pasta database dentro da pasta Data. Isso deve bastar.
  15. It could be some kind of connection failure. Download manually direct from the unity.com
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