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  1. Game TU request?

    Ask him to pass you the default.xex of his game. Just switch to change the MID. Rename your game (if you have any problems) to ex default.xex.bak.
  2. Game TU request?

    The GOTY version comes out last and does not have TU because it comes out with all the fixes. Your friend has the normal game with all DLC's just that.
  3. Kinect not working

  4. Kinect not working

  5. Installing Aurora Question

    you can install without problem. Aurora is much more advanced and is not invasive
  6. upgrade xox360 with arora

    No restrictions
  7. Title update

    Are you putting it on the computer or downloading it through the Videogame? The TU's are in the folder > Content\0000000000000000\45470101 (ex)\000B0000 ? This pendrive may be fake.
  8. Assassin's creed rogue problem!!!

    I installed here to confirm and is currently running installer for internal HD, play on external HD. Aurora Dash 0.6B, 17511 kernel, MID 08BFBC34 TU1. Empty the caches
  9. Assassin's creed rogue problem!!!

  10. Assassin's creed rogue problem!!!

  11. Zorkpt. Are these games downloaded and installed by you? They may be corrupted. Or even the HD that may be at the end of its useful life.
  12. This kernel is very old. This may be the reason.
  13. Not all Games shown on Aurora

    Have the games been properly extracted? What games would this be for ex?
  14. Xbox 360 RGH on but not booting

    You may have a sense of the problem by doing the error checking. Keeping the Sync button always pressed, press the eject button. It will flash the amount of light on the problem Ex. Always holding the sync and pressing eject once it lights 4 leds again press eject ecende 4 again 2 erased and last one more time and 3 erased. Forming the number 0023 because the number of led erased will form this number This error for ex. is usually assigned (not sure the odds are greater) to one or more 820u capacitors that surround the APU. Then search the internet for the error that your xbox presents
  15. HELP :( Dashlaunch

    It may be more than that because without the dashlaunch it would simply restart in the original dash. I would not freeze Download a version of Aurora or Freestyle for USB along with Dashlaunch. Boot and reinstall Dashlaunch.