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  1. I can only believe that they are the type that is only released after finishing the game or something. Someone who has the game may have a better answer. Sorry.
  2. As well? Tried to generate the code and does not give? Hold the Sync button and click the eject button four times in a row Hoping to show the number. Example. First click four green LEDs on 0 then 2 on 2, then 1 on 1 then 3 on 3 Error 0213
  3. It may be blocked. If you are in the HDD you can unlock it with the XM360 in the video game itself. Or with the xbox content manager program on your computer.
  4. Os Classic xbox games are working normally. I also had problems with my Filezilla a few days ago. It was corrupting files. I had to pass these saves via pendrive.
  5. If not, create the path \hdd1\Compatibility\xbox1 And put your TDATA and UDATA folders there
  6. You have to know what a mistake it is. There are tutorials on youtube on the subject. Depending on the error, you may know where the problem will eventually be. Serach to "Xbox 360 error codes"
  7. The files that go to the Content folder must have a folder with the Title ID of the Game and in this folder for DLCs (00000002). Mass Effect Example. Content/00000000000000000/4D5307E8/00000002 And those that are not from Content Folder (the game itself) in an external folder for example - xbox360 games- at the root of the HD With due configured path.
  8. What is the format of disk 2, GOD or GOD.xex? your alternative dash is Aurora? God works best and if so, confirm that you have files Data0000 to Data0050 with 162,6MB and Data0051 51,7MB
  9. What is your nationality? I'm from the Brazilian. It is not difficult to do what I said. Press RB on the control and you will see the standard filters E can choose with LB and RB and pressing B on the control, in Quick Access you will see more options for Filters. There is no way to be clearer than that.
  10. The choice is made by clicking on the RB button and choosing on the digital controller and you can add filters such as cooperatives, all only Xbox360, only classic Xbox only emulators, applications, XBLA, Kinnect, Indigames ... anyway, however you want. To do this, just press B and in Quick Access add and edit these filters.
  11. Inside the game folder It has a folder Content/00000000000000000/ With the real content of the game 58410A69 and 58410B5C. They are like XBLA games. Move these folders to the Content folder or your games folder on the external HDD or HD and they will appear in your Deadliest 'Warrior The Game' and Dealiest Legends list (Discard the Deadliest Warrior ancient Combat folder after that). Just run normally now. They are blocked. You will have to unlock them with a program for that on the computer or put them on the internal HD and make use of the XM360 in the video game itself. This also happens with the Alien Bried game, which are three different games and the same thing has to be done. Extract from folder Ps: These games are very bad lol lol
  12. This is cold soldering on the CPU's PWM controller. A reflow will work.
  13. Perhaps that is not the problem. RGH reads either original or unlocked games. There must be something missing from these games, such as activating an eventual TU or Kernel version. Make a comparison between the two to see if no files were missing.
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