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  1. Neocazen

    Can not get covers to download

    Do not forget to disable Livestrong as well. in dashlaunch
  2. Neocazen

    RGH console no cpu key update

    The simple Nand Flasher loads the CPU key right after it runs and creates a file named cpukey.txt inside its folder after reading it. I've seen cases where Xell did not go up because of the cable. try with AV cable and no external storage attached. This CPU key has to be there. If CPU key does not appear then Nand it's Badblocks . The last alternative will be a read by the board (calling Nand-x for ex) and if you can change the Chip Nand No CPU key can not do anything
  3. Neocazen

    RGH console no cpu key update

    Good evening To Read Your Nand Needs Simple Nand Flasher (tutorials on Youtube). Your Kernel is pretty old yes that may be why some games do not work, because some depend on being installations that have to be on the HDD. Others need modifications or TU's on that Internal HD. The HDDX is for the Compatibility Pack to Play Classic Xbox Games. Being Trinity for sure has Xell baasta connect the Video Game through the EJECT and wait. Freestyle is dead (bugada). Install AURORA 0.7B that still receives updates. Then just set the path of the Boot in dashlaunch to the path aurora.xex. I do not know your region, but surely there are tutorials on Youtube Use Tutorials Rubens Yama of Brazil (I'm Brazilian) Last Kernel, Dashlaunch 3.19 When you do this, follow the tutorial so that you do not disappoint later.
  4. Neocazen

    Skin ideas

    Yes, but not in Freestyle always on the main panel.
  5. Neocazen

    Skin ideas

    Unfortunately not
  6. Neocazen

    How do I connect Aurora to the internet?

    Not live. What exists for RGH is the XboxUnity. enter the site (xboxunity.net), create an account and you will receive a key that will be placed in the xbox via Aurora and then yes you can play some titles online. Search for tutorials on Youtube or ask for help right here on the site if you have any.
  7. Neocazen

    Aurora: fatal exception error

    Enter Aurora on XexMenu or use Aurora on a flash drive and try to see what is wrong with the settings. If necessary, delete the launch.ini file and configure it again in dashlaunch.
  8. Rubens. Boa noite

     De autoria de M0514H uma default skin com Avatar. Quase perfeita.

     Publique no seu canal no YT para divulgação

     good evening

    Authored by M0514H a default skin with Avatar. Almost perfect.

    Post to your YT channel for disclosure


    1. rubensyama




      Video made successfully Credits to M0514H, attached in the video description Just like your youtube channel link Thank you for generating us content for the channel, we were happy about this Hug to you

  9. Neocazen

    Skin ideas

    See this post by M0514H https://mega.nz/#!nsFzzLQL!pR96KNIHj_E7yPI7MeI0qjfdRNOuKlQSb2IEo1WCFgA
  10. Neocazen

    default skin mod idea

  11. Neocazen

    default skin mod idea

    Congratulations but...in mine, there was a giant green bar above the screen. What can it be?
  12. Neocazen

    default skin mod idea

    Congratulations and thank you. I'd say it's almost perfect. Increase the height of the Avatar region mascot, red bird for ex., add sometimes
  13. Neocazen

    [Resolved] Minecraft Title Update, confusing as hell

    Aurora comes with content search disabled. You can manually search or activate for automatic search. Only then will the most current TU (any game) appear
  14. Neocazen

    Title update 0 problem ...

    It seems the incompatibility of MID confirms if it is the same media ID of the game. If it is try (if it is not) put on the internal HD
  15. Neocazen

    Have separate Game category menu's in Aurora?

    By pressing RB you will have what you want. has even how to download more. To configure go to View