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  1. Game/Game Name/$TitleUpdate/Title ID/TU. Already the DLC's can not tell you. Some games to work on HD such as Battlefield 3 must have the contents of the content folder of the other disk extracted via Horizon or Velocity into the game folder. DLCs may have files of the same name that eventually become corrupted.
  2. This can be done by Dashlaunch. Enter it and press the RB button (If my memory fails me) to enter advanced options some video games do not accept the 'Target Temperatures'. If so, enable constant Cooler acceleration to about 70%. Save and leave. Then observe if it is working. Normally. Xbox Works with temperatures around 60º to 65º of CPU. Put other ass in sequence with 4º unless. Example CPU 65 GPU 61... as Target Temperature Target if it is a warm country. Just don't let that go and it will work satisfactorily.
  3. A defect in the power source. Gives you to fix. Take a technician in the electronics.
  4. 1 - Confirm that the HDMI cable is firmly seated. 2 - He only Boots with the TV on. 3 - Unlock chip may have broken cable or is burned out
  5. Certainly MID is different, this has happened. Download manually from the xboxunity website.
  6. Neocazen

    Dead RGH

    When a red light error occurs. You should hold down the sync button and click on the eject but yours has problem so it will be more complicated. Will have to get another front with working eject. On youtube there are tutorials for that Download a version of aurora for flash drive take the hd that has aurora and try to see if it can be him No. The chip that unlocks it. Run360, Ace, Matrix...etc
  7. Neocazen

    Dead RGH

    Without the code it's hard to say, but it can be a problem on your hard drive or chip rgh.
  8. What would be the Xbox kernel version.Until yesterday 17526 ? May be because of the kernel version. Watch your game's MID to download the right TU. Minecraft is already on TU 80. There is here on the site
  9. Neocazen

    DLC not working

    Xm360 is only able to show you DLC's TU's that are on the internal hard drive. in the MID of the TU might be incompatible with your own. Go straight on to the web site xboxunity, and to confirm that this is TU, and in the MID of your game. If yes, you probably have the DLC are locked out. in order to unlock them, put them on the internal hard drive to the XM360 to be able to work or do the unlock on a computer running Content Manager.
  10. how do i do it manually is there a tutorial or anything? I remembered that you're using Freestyle official, it does not slow down the more TU's. you'll Have to search for the latest version of the official. But it is not recommend to use it Later. It always had some bugs. Install Aurora. To download manually YOU will need to know the MID of your Play. Example of COD Ghosts it has a 10-MID''s different. Search for your MID and lower. and the external hard drive, create a folder with the Title Id of the game, and the other one with the code for YOU and place the place in the content. The example is Call of Duty Ghosts: Go to Content/0000000000000000 and then within that folder, create (if one does not already exist) for the TID of the game 415608FC, and the inside of it to create the 000B0000, which is where you will find the for YOU. Copy THE YOU downloaded on to it, and then Go in the option of browsing the Contents of the log to search for. In the beginning she comes off to do it manually or turn on automatically, and then Click search now. When you reboot, if YOU is compatible, it will appear to be turned on by Pressing Y, and then aindo to the second one. Press A to activate and you're done. If it is on the Stick, you just have to Create the folders in the PDD and the 000B0000, as in the example, and copy it into the folder 0000000000000000. and to make the search for Content, and then Y is the second option, and done. There is also the option to put it directly in the folder of the game, but it has to be a God.xex. or over the horizon, you Have a Tutorial for the DLC, but the procedure is the same.
  11. Download directly from the site xboxunity manually. Here with me (Brazil) sometimes fail too or download wrong.
  12. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Whenever you install (I think that's not your case) a TU manually, ie low and applies TU straight to the folder A dash Whether Aurora or Freestyle has to scan the files to attach this new TU. And the MID 'Media ID' matches the region of the game. The TID is always the same but the MID is region dependent and this TU has to be from the corresponding region. The TU for this game for example on Xbox Unity is MID 4EEF957F. If your game is not this MID, TU will not recognize
  14. 1 The quest to control TU are on, or have made the search for a manual? 2 the TU is turned on? 3 The MID is the correct?
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