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  1. The nand was written in the past with a problem nand and you are replicating that problem. Try to creating a new NAND RETAIL from the CPU Key.
  2. Good afternoon. Your NAND is corrupted. Probably BadBlocks.
  3. Because such a low? Is at 80. Contains everything from previous updates https://mega.nz/#!tZ9DRIQT!WzeGYyYzevcLu_QtI9XwRhqi1LNAb0oa-fj2SbvHrlk
  4. As I didn't have the game folder in content, I assumed it would be in an external Arcade folder (People who used or use Freestyle have this custom). In order not to complicate it further, I gave the solution less complicated. My XBLA games are all in the Content folder with their respective codes which, thanks to Aurora, also allows you to see the name of the game.
  5. As soon as you create a game save the folder will appear Title ID will appear but you can do it manually. Within 0000000000000000 create the following folders /58410B66/00000002 and place the dlc inside the latter.
  6. If your Xbox is RGH you don't need to upgrade. It is a security update for transactions via credit card for example (LT or original xbox). When not accepting an update, it is usually the problem NAND. Corrupted.
  7. If you have RGH, you would not need to upgrade. This is an interesting security update for LT only. But... Follow this tutorial is in Portuguese, but it's easy https://youtu.be/ySio0-aUqiM May also be case of corrupted NAND.
  8. I am also Brazilian. You can simply edit the path via a pc or download it here. https://depositfiles.org/files/0io0uj70v channel Rubens Yama Youtube
  9. Game/Game Name/$TitleUpdate/Title ID/TU. Already the DLC's can not tell you. Some games to work on HD such as Battlefield 3 must have the contents of the content folder of the other disk extracted via Horizon or Velocity into the game folder. DLCs may have files of the same name that eventually become corrupted.
  10. This can be done by Dashlaunch. Enter it and press the RB button (If my memory fails me) to enter advanced options some video games do not accept the 'Target Temperatures'. If so, enable constant Cooler acceleration to about 70%. Save and leave. Then observe if it is working. Normally. Xbox Works with temperatures around 60º to 65º of CPU. Put other ass in sequence with 4º unless. Example CPU 65 GPU 61... as Target Temperature Target if it is a warm country. Just don't let that go and it will work satisfactorily.
  11. A defect in the power source. Gives you to fix. Take a technician in the electronics.
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