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  1. Neocazen

    My files in the fsd file manager is missing?

    Try to start the games through the file explorer. If it works, just redo the paths of the game folders. If not, you will have to purchase your games again.
  2. The paths to the game folders are configured in Content> Manage paths? Ex. Xbox360\System\usb0\Games360 If yes, delete and redo
  3. Neocazen

    Auto-Update Titles of Games?

    Aurora or Freestyle? With Freestyle this problem is more recurring. Already with Aurora, I only had this problem with Naruto Manually rename or update media, Press Y and follow the instructions.
  4. Neocazen

    Corona 4gb help updating

    Nand's in trouble. Read but not write. There's no way. This happens a lot with 48MB Nand. Here in Brazil they exchange for Nand of 16MB. Leave it as it is, there are no one Kernel to another. I've had two video games of my friends with this problem. The Nand reading is perfect without any errors the new kernel is added in updflash. it usually writes the video game reboots and stays with the old kernel. it could be some blockage or something. in Brazil the Nand chip is exchanged and the modified plate is clear
  5. Neocazen

    Title Updates

  6. Neocazen

    Title Updates

    Strange in my TULocation work. Discard it and try to install again. Horizon Basically it is to lower the TU with the MID of the Game to open the Horizon in the computer, to plug the External HD or pendrive and thus to recognize, to drag the TU or DLC to the white part of the side window of the horizon that does the rest to him. Ready Put the HD on the Xbox, Go to the cover of the game in question press Y. Go to 'Download Updates' Press 'A' and 'A' to activate and Ready. Just play. Sorry Dr.Gonzo Any doubt can try youtube tutorials My country is Brazil, but this video can help you understand
  7. Neocazen

    Title Updates

    Yes. download the TULocationFix script To Aurora 0.7B and through it choose where to save the TU or manually download and manually put in the Content folder as the rightTitlle ID (and after, content and search´╗┐ for title updates ) or use the Horizon
  8. Neocazen

    URGENT! Can't access rgh!

    Enter the xex menu in Dashlaunch or download a freestyle version or Aurora to USB (pendrive) from the boot by it and create a new launch.ini through the dashlaunch
  9. Neocazen

    Title Updates

    On Xbox Unity the last available TU is 18 It may also be that this TU does not have the MID of the game in question being incompatible. So the problem does not activate. Did you download via Xbox at Unity? If so, just turn off one and activate the other. If you have manually downloaded, you must go to content and search for title updates after you start activating.
  10. Neocazen

    [REQ] Minecraft TU60 (Dec 19 2017)

    TU 71 https://1fichier.com/?ky9qlace60b4qsr1rfn4
  11. Neocazen

    XBOX360 Jasper HDD?

    According to data from Microsoft itself 2TB I think this is an exaggeration
  12. Neocazen

    [REQ] Minecraft TU60 (Dec 19 2017)

    Do I have the 68 & 69. TU68 https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZGFe27ZNVdmMs2xDhBgjOjL34CV1ViIEKiy TU71 https://1fichier.com/?ky9qlace60b4qsr1rfn4
  13. Neocazen

    Aurora and kinect

    Can be dashlaunch configuration. In the behavior tab check xblaexitdash and see if it works also for Kinect
  14. Neocazen

    Just Dance 4 DLC problem

    I know what this is ... I've seen many strange things, especially with Coronas V4
  15. Neocazen

    Just Dance 4 DLC problem

    downloaded and activated TU? Did you install DLC's on HDD1? Try this.