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  1. You don't have to. In the video there are two formats for God.xex and God.
  2. If you have the game recorded on HD use this tutorial https://youtu.be/ycaX1_HQsJw
  3. TU 80 Right? Enter the original dash and see if the old TU is not there yet. Remove if applicable, clear the cache of hard drives and usbs. Install the last TU again. Also beware of file corruption. It is very common in FTPs like Filezilla
  4. It doesn't change much from your version to the most current one if you really want to update see some tutorials on Youtube. I recommend autogg to update and the software you want to find also in the video descriptions I am Brazilian and I get everything I need through Rubens Yama's videos. You will need Simple nand Flash, autogg, Dashlaunch compatible with version Kernel and the system update package for Avatar and Kinnect.
  5. Aurora Backup your TUs and places them in your Data folder. It's normal.
  6. Are you Brazilian? I am I sent you the link There are some TUs together but what matters is the DLCs
  7. Pass: xboxrghfacil or https://1fichier.com/?u1n4v75zjrxwpe64of55
  8. They may be blocked. To unlock them, use xm360 in the video game if these DLCs are on the internal hard drive or Content Manager on the Computer. See if you're using the right TU.
  9. Try installing xbox Content Manager in Computer.
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