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  1. Neocazen

    RGH Corona 4g no internal hdd - system update

    You'll have to change the NAND chip. It's corrupted. Look for a RGH shop that will do the service is easy.
  2. Neocazen

    RGH Corona 4g no internal hdd - system update

    Watch the whole video first to find out what's wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uOOJfEoeb0
  3. For sure. just use the file explorer Press Back, File Explorer, go to the game choose the game by pressing X press the digital directional to left,, choose copy or cut will give information that was copied or cut. choose the place you want to put the game and again digital left and choose paste.
  4. Neocazen

    Dashlaunch options greyed out

    Upgraded to latest Kernel 17526 and Avatar $SystemUpdate 17526 too?
  5. Provavelmente isso está acontecendo porque a TU já está no sistema e Aurora não está sobrepondo-a. Esvazie o(s) Cache(s) do(s) HD(s) pela dash original, deixe só Aurora na raiz do HD, e como dash principal configurada na dashlaunch. Aqui criei uma pasta com nome Aplicativos para ter acesso a Freestyle (Para ajudar em fórums) XM360 dashlaunch, etc... Veja também se o Livestrong está desabilitado se não, desabilite. Empty the Cache (s) of the HARD DRIVE (s) by the original dash, just let Aurora at the root of the HD, and as main dash configured on dashlaunch. Here I created a folder with Application name to access the Freestyle (For help in forums) dashlaunch XM360, etc. .. See also the Livestrong is disabled if not, disable.
  6. Strange things happen with certain video games. try after downloading, do the content search to see if it fixes to you. ps: I'm Brazilian too
  7. Neocazen

    Please help me update Burnout Paradise

    Try to get game with another MID
  8. Neocazen

    Please help me update Burnout Paradise

    Go to Start > Content > Title Update > Search Now. After restart, see appears. If you continue without TU it is because media ID is incompatible.
  9. Neocazen

    Downloading covers without games or xex

    It's working again.
  10. Neocazen

    plss update aurora

    I just downloaded it here. (Brazil 07:05 Hs) It worked again
  11. Neocazen

    Problems with Profile in Aurora

    I'm Brazilian. Are you using internal storage to save? try to change where you save. Do not use the internal memory ade 4GB gives a lot of error of this type (Some lose all saves overnight). try something on the subject at http://www.xboxrghbrasil.com/forum as well.
  12. It seems that the synopse are downloaded from microsoft's official website and something has changed and at least for now is not possible
  13. Neocazen

    Downloading covers without games or xex

    And just download direct from the xbox unity site manually
  14. This has been happening for a few days. The problem seems to be on the xbox.com site. If you go back to Freestyle it will happen the same. Let's wait and see if they can solve this problem.