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  1. It's been like this for some time. I think the place where you download these files is slowly stopping.
  2. My young. If it is claiming as a duplicate port, some other program on another device on the network is using it. Change the port.
  3. Like this? The games are already in the video game And there is no reading of them? Games in GOD format may get corrupted during transfer by Filezilla. Are the games in GOD.xex or GOD format? Set the path to the games folder? Be more specific in your problem description.
  4. I'm having the same problem, but the Xbox Unity website hasn't gone down and isn't currently.
  5. By ftp or by a USB stick. Here I use Ubuntu
  6. That's not the problem. It may be the Kernel version. I remember that for internal Hdds it happened due to the limitation of Kernels v. 2.16.xxx or previous. Maybe that's it, if you have an old kernel of course.
  7. Are you doing the search? Why manually downloaded ones don't automatically appear in the list. Which game is it for?
  8. With the change of the case HD the UUID of the external hd changed. There is conflict. I don't see much to do. Using the computer, remove(save) the .db files from the HDD or USB / AuroraData / databases folder, a new database will be created and perhaps the games will be recognized. This happened to me once because the case burned and I had to buy another one. At the time I had no knowledge and what I did was to re-record the games to HD, but in your case there are many. Maybe Felida, or Gonzo know the right way to fix this. But it never hurts to try what you said.
  9. Is the TU installed and activated? I downloaded it here, installed it, activated the TU and everything is normal.
  10. It has a better shape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5xb4AttGYk
  11. TU4 Download the file and apply it in the game folder. Restart Aurora
  12. In theory the Dashlaunch configuration makes the switch as soon as the next disc is required during the game.
  13. Hide others with the Hide option. Click Y on the cover you want to hide scroll down to the last option in the Menu and use the digital controller by clicking to the left until the option appears and confirm with A
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