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  1. Okay so I found out it was my faulty external HD. I bought a new one a while ago and it works perfectly fine now. I can transfer stuff without errors and stuff.
  2. the thing is: I DO have the avatar update installed it might be my hdd
  3. My RGH Xbox has some list of problems involving my external HD/cache. I can't seem to create profiles properly, even after clearing cache. It would bring me back to the keyboard or have no profile picture/avatar. I couldn't edit almost anything on it. Recently, I can't save any progress on games properly because I erased the cache. Also some of my DLCs wouldn't load on some games (thanks to some technicians, they also erased my Minecraft TU and corrupted some DLCS), so i tried creating a 000B0000 folder. Aurora gave me an error. I also tried moving DLCS to that directory, but only one DLC moved successfuly without errors. (keep in mind there's Usb0, Usb1, UsbMU0 and UsbMU1) Usb0 is the update flash drive, since the technicians swapped the motherboard with one that doesn't have the 4GB memory, and Usb1 is my external HD. UsbMU0 and 1 are the ones that appear on the 360's storage manager, while the rest can be found on Aurora's file manager.
  4. so my rgh xbox recently stopped booting (my xbox is a slim model that isnt the shiny one with a warning near the disk drive. keep in mind the motherboard was changed once and the power brick isn't original) when i turn it on the green light goes on, the fan spins just like normal, but it never boots. the rgh modchip beeping seems very randomized. the modchip wont beep constantly like its supposed to (1 sec beep, can sometimes be 10 seconds. it should beep again in like 5 secs until it boots). sometimes it wont, sometimes once but it stops after the tv is on, the hdmi cable is properly plugged in it happened like 1-2 days ago and the last thing i did on it was shutdown via xbox guide maybe i unplugged it from the socket too soon sorry if this is on the wrong place
  5. Sorry if i did not say from the start, but the real question is: Does blocking XBL via the parental settings work? I don't want only DashLaunch blocking XBL.
  6. That means i can connect to the Internet without connecting the external HD?
  7. Like I said, my external HD sometimes disconnects randomly (usually when the console finishes booting), and i want to connect it to the Internet, but the launch.ini is in the external HD, and i don't want to ruin my RGH when my console finishes booting sometimes. Does blocking Xbox Live work using the parental settings?
  8. Sometimes, my external HD disconnects when it's connected (usually when i turn on the console). And i want to connect it to the internet but Dashlaunch is on the external HD. I blocked Xbox Live via parental settings and i'm still afraid it would ruin RGH even if it's blocked. Does it work? EDIT:I am sorry if this is the wrong category.
  9. So, there is a bug that it happened when I made a new account. It stayed with my main account's gamerpic on Aurora's dash but it was meant to appear a smiley face. It could happen when changing accounts (unless you change to the first account you logged in on Aurora.). Also changing the name of the new account won't change on Aurora's dash, unless you go back to the first account logged in.
  10. Neocazen, in my post, you said 


    Are they DLCs? May be blocked. Missing TU or even blocked with unlock, after reaching a score or playing on a higher difficulty. To change the game region in some cases, just change the default.xex

    I have to modify the default.xex? Or find another default.xex on the internet

    1. Neocazen


      You will have to find a good soul who can send you this default. It will be complicated. Try deepening your research to understand what's going on.

  11. Nope. They are not DLCS. Is it modifying the default.xex? Or downloading?
  12. I have a problem with my JD3 on my RGH console. None of the exclusives appear (Only Girl (In The World)), (Airplanes), etc. It's region free. Is there a way to change the iso region to NTSC?
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