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  1. I have already tried that, and I tried many random numbers but UDP wouldn't work, also no other devices on the network are using that same port as I checked multiple times over. I know what the duplicated port error is, I just don't see the problem anywhere, therefore I can't fix it. TCP works, UDP doesn't. No idea where's the problem since I've been looking around and researching for hours.
  2. I am trying to port forward my router so my friends can join my minecraft server, It is needed for TCP & UDP to be port forwarded but UDP always leads to "Duplicated Port number" error. TCP port forwarding worked, but UDP just doesn't. The port needs to be 25565 for the minecraft server to work. Please help me I have been trying all day and troubleshooting but haven't found a way to get my friends to connect to my Minecraft server.
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