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  1. After many hours and some days of headache, I've managed to solve the issue: after looking at 360 Content Manager, I've found out that the DLC Horror Pack somehow was Locked, so I've unlocked it and now - thanks God - It's working again. Thank you very much for your attention and help, Neocazen!
  2. Yes. How odd! I'm gonna download the TU again.
  3. Yeah, your patch does save a lot of lives, hehe (mine included). And I've figured it out that much: that some backgrounds might be at the bottom of the 'download order' even after screenshots/ trailers; some Aurora manages to download them just fine, others, as you said, it doesn't (so it downloads some images from Mcsft, then.How interesting. That explains the restarting, then). And thank you very much for all your help, Stelio> Hmm... how do I ask Aurora devs about this?
  4. I did (HDD and USB), but nothing.
  5. Well, there was before this whole Microsoft mess (for exemple, titles like Ninja Gaiden II, Star Ocean, Soul Calibur IV and Tomb Raider Legend). I've noticed that without your plugin it downloads about 6, 7 items and, about the third or fourth item, it crashies. Sometimes I manage to download everything without Aurora restarting (beats me how this happens), but most of the times it crashies (I'm speaking without your plugin. With it I can download most of the items, but not every one of them, like before. Edit: I've just managed to download Ninja Gaiden II background (by downloading and restarting Aurora, without the plugin) right now.
  6. Hi! Out of nowere, I'm getting 'Cannot load content. Data may be corrupted', but this has never happened before. I tried download it again and again, but to no use. I've tested in my pen drive here, and it worked, so I thought the problem would be my USB HD but today it didn't work! If anyone could help I would be really grateful!
  7. Hi! First of all, many thanks for your patch. But some games still don't download the backgrounds (like Mass Effect 1, Tomb Raider Legend and Underworld, Virtua Fighter V and Final Showdow et cetera). What could it be?
  8. Hi! I'm playing Fallout 3 now with some mods and I want to know if is there a way to reorganize the load order the game load the mods and DLCs. One of my saves was so messed up (some mods above the master .esm files, like Operation Anchorage and Broken Steel) that I couldn't even save on PC to transfer back to my Xbox (since these games have a lot of issues, way and back I have to transfer to the PC version to use some Console Command to fix those things, so I can play it nice on my video-game). I use Horizon to transfer my mods to my USB. Any help would be really appreciated!
  9. My doubt is: how can I change the load order in Fallout 3? my load order was so messed up that, now, I can transfer my save back to the Xbox to fix some things (Luck Harrith is stuck in Megaton. I would use a Command Console in the PC Version to fix him, then transfer back to the Xbox, but now I can even save back on PC! Just my luck, lol!... Edit: I mean, I don't know why, but my Broken Steel file gets after the mods I installed - in Wrye Bash in the PC Version, it shows before the mods, as it is a master file (.esm) as it shoud be.
  10. I don't know specifically about these mods, but there are two processes: 1 - Just copy and paste the special content (like music, textures, meshes) in your Skyrim Data Folder (yours is on USB, right? but it can be on HDD as well); 2 - Open Horizon, and just drag the "white" file (this is the mod file, that was an PC .esp converted to the Xbox 360 DLC) to your USB through Horizon. Done.
  11. My question is about renaming the mods to fix the load order: how do I do this since, in the 0000 Paste, they're all numbers!
  12. Hi. I did it, but the game crashes when it begins... damnit!😂 It seems I can't put sound Mods in Fallout 3 for Xbox 360... what a shame: I have converted them into .xma an all (if you wish another method to convert .wav to .xma, download the xma2encode from this video, and follow this part of the tutorial (about 25:00), and simple drag your wav music into the xma2encode.exe, and wait it! done it! oh: it has to be in the same folder and at one file after another. I have tried multiple files, but to no avail) Peace to you all, and thank you very mych for your help.
  13. Hmm... I have downloaded and installed this today. Is this? if so, can I do the tutorial as writen above? Thank you very much for your help!!
  14. Hi! I'm sorry, but what is SDK? where do I download it? how do I install it? I just want to convert some Fallout 3 mods (in PC, the songs are in .WAV; I have discovered today this difference, because some mods were not running the sounds). Thank you very much. Peace.
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